10 Part-Time Jobs Help You To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Many types of research have shown that an imbalanced work-life can lead to fatigue, stress, a high level of expectations, and no time with friends and family. When we start doing a part-time job, then we have to spend some hours each week doing the assigned tasks.

The part-time jobs may have evening, afternoon, morning, or night shifts. These jobs are good for people who are not ready for full-time employment due to certain reasons. If you are interested in part-time jobs, then here we have prepared a list of a few jobs that will let you earn a few bugs without affecting your work-life balance.

1. HR Recruiter

Many companies give part-time jobs to the HR recruiter so that they can meet their growing demand of searching for talented people. The HR recruiter jobs include taking the interviews of the interested candidate on the phone, managing meetings between candidates and employees, maintaining records, and taking follow-up with candidates and employees.

This job does not need any kind of special eligibility or qualification, but an HR course will be a plus point. If you are looking for part time jobs Boston, then there are so many opportunities and you can choose the right one.

2. Accountant

Due to the significant rise in start-ups, the rise in demand for part-time accountants. The start-ups cannot afford full-time accountants and that’s why they start searching for part-time book-keepers.  The accountant’s job constitutes being involved in various aspects of the accounts such as handling pretty cash, assistance during the annual audits, etc.

3. Customer Service

If you know how to politely talk to people and how to be good with them, then a customer service job is perfect for you. The customer service roles are different ranging from troubleshooting to acting as a sales representative. We recommend you to choose the sector in which you are interested and apply for the right one.

4. Sales Consultant

If you have good communication skills, then sales are the right fit for you. There are various organizations that are looking for part-time salespeople or telecallers who can develop the customer base. Most of these jobs are work-from-home type and it is a good opportunity for those who cannot attend regular offices. Sales consultants are one of the best part time jobs Boston.

5. Home Tutor

Home tuition for school and college-going students are growing in demand. Also, it is one of the best ways to earn decent money while sitting at home. Good home tutors can easily make lakhs per month. All you need is a good academic qualification and good teaching skills to build a good reputation as a credible home tutor.

6. Content Writer/Editor

People who are good at writing can easily earn money while sitting at home. A part-time content writing job is a good option for earning money while sitting at home. This job includes technical writing, writing marketing collateral, contributing to updates on social media, and updating companies’ websites.

7. Waiter

Many college students can earn their pocket money by doing the part-time job of a waiter. Waiting tables in the restaurant is mostly preferred by college students. With this job, they can earn a decent salary and various other added benefits like earning through tips. This job is ideal for students because they can go on shift as per their availability because they also have to manage class timings.

8. Web Designer

Many new companies are looking for part-time web designers. It is the job in which the knowledge of graphic designing and software programming is required. The graphic designers help in creating the layout of the website rather than doing the maintenance of the website. It is a good opportunity for skilled web designers to start earning at home.

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9. Mystery Shopper

Do you love shopping? Well, we all love shopping and we can earn through it. Yes, you can do your favorite activity and start earning as well. The Mystery shoppers have to visit the e-store and report the quality of customer service to the company. Also, they have to give a review about the product quality, and the ambiance maintained at the e-store. These jobs are given by the product manufacturers retailers, departmental stores, and restaurant owners.

10. Career Counsellor

Nowadays, students are very career conscious. They want to make the right choices in their career. Therefore, the demand for career counseling is on the high rise. Some career counseling companies offer part-time jobs like administering psychological tests, counseling students considering a career change, giving the right piece of advice to the students. New people usually undergo a short career counseling course. This part-time job can offer a steady source of income and let you easily maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Final Words

These are some of the part-time jobs for which you can apply. You can also join walkers, freelance translators, personal trainers, or virtual assistant part-time jobs.

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