10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe During Your Family Beach Trips (Part 1)

Beaches are absolutely among the most irresistible places on Earth. Beautiful is an understatement to describe these incredible creations. Especially those with pristine waters that glimmer even from afar make beaches totally sought after by many people, locals and tourists too. While beach trips these days are common bonding pursuits for groups of friends and company teams, of course, they are still one of the most loved family gathering activities. Not to mention, not only the adults are enjoying the salty ocean water and the cool and warm sea breeze but also the cute little kids!

Bringing your kiddos to the beach has advantages for parents and importantly, for them. They get a first-hand experience of nature in the form of a big and brilliant body of water attached to a land covered with sand. Through this, parents are able to introduce a new environment to the tots, something that is not confined by walls, windows and doors. Significantly, kids get to avoid too much usage and exposure to screens. As everyone is aware, many children nowadays learn to hold a smartphone first before learning to speak a few words. It’s saddening and alarming, so taking your kiddos outside, under the sun, by the seashore, can help more than you know!

Different kids may react differently at the sight of the big blue sea and the vast space filled with sand. Some may be overwhelmed and afraid, while others may jump and run around like nobody’s business! If your youngster is the type of kid that gets super excited, playful and naughty during a beach trip, you must be extra careful and cautious whenever you’re with them on the beach. They can go a little more mischievous, more energetic and “wilder” in a fun place like the beach!

To help parents and guardians and also the whole team have an enjoyable and hushed family time, check out these 10 tips to keep kids safe and danger-free during your family beach trips! This is only Part 1, so please find Part 2 at the end of this article.     

1 – Always keep an eye on kids playing by the shore

Always keep an eye on kids playing by the shore - 10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe During Your Family Beach Trips

Lack of adult supervision is the number one cause of beach or resort accidents involving kids. Because you will never know when a mishap might actually happen, be alert, and think in advance. Think ahead, and move ahead of the tendencies of accidents.

Do not completely rely on the sweet and gleeful scene of kiddos playing, running and giggling by the seashore. Always keep an eye on those youngsters, even when you are standing far from them. If you just want to rest and remain dry for the meantime, sit in an area where you can clearly see the kids. This is so you can immediately know if something wrong is going on by the shore and can swiftly come when the kids are asking for help. At the same time, this allows you to talk to them from afar, reminding them to play safely and to behave well. 

Don’t dare fall asleep or leave even just for a while as the children make merry by the coast. A terrible misadventure might happen any second you ignore them or leave them without adult supervision.     

2 – Never let kids swim alone or with fellow kids

Never let kids swim alone or with fellow kids - 0 Tips to Keep Kids Safe During Your Family Beach Trips

While some parents allow their bigger kids to play by the shore, they don’t let them enter the water and swim alone. That’s right, and that’s a given. Don’t say that they know how to swim because they took swimming classes because what we’re talking about here is the beach, the big sea, and not a confined swimming pool. There are small waves and big waves. The water current is sometimes strong and sometimes weak. Your kids might get swept away and brought to a deep portion of the water.

Even with just their fellow kids, don’t let them walk or dive into the water by themselves. Some kids get extra playful, tease each other and do dares while swimming. When things go wrong, these could lead to unwanted troubles!

3 – Adults accompanying kids must know how to swim

Adults accompanying kids must know how to swim - 10 Tips to Keep Kids Safe During Your Family Beach Trips

Best if adults will not merely look at and monitor kids by the shore; rather, they will accompany them while swimming. What’s more, these adults must also know how to swim. Of course, what’s the use of sticking to the kiddies if they cannot protect them in the face of danger? The adults are there to hold, carry and guide them while playing and swimming.

4 – Dress them with protective swimming outfits

Dress them with protective swimming outfits

Parents love dressing up their little ones also known as their mini versions. A beach is a perfect runway for swimming outfits that make the kiddos even cuter! That’s cool and adorable, but don’t forget to also ensure that they are covered and safeguarded by their beach OOTDs.

Let them wear the right swimming clothes from head to toe, so that even when they don’t know yet how to swim, they are kept safe from too much heat from the sun, from too much cold from the water and from wounds that small seashells under the sand can cause. Water shoes are beneficial to secure the kiddos’ little feet from getting scratched or pricked by sharp-edged beach elements, like stones, shells and big sand particles.

5 – Apply child-friendly sunscreen on their skin

This is automatic! Whenever you are going to the beach, apply sun protection creams to your skin before leaving the house or at least 15-30 minutes before dipping into the water. For your younglings, use child-friendly sunscreen on them. Ascertain that it’s made safe for kiddos’ sensitive skin to avoid irritations, and watch out for allergic reactions too. Use the right SPF or else, your tots’ soft skin might get burned or itched.   

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The beach is a very lovely place to revel in and weave fantastic memories in, but even such a magnificent spot can present risks if you are not careful and clever. Remain smart, and remain safe. You, your kids and your whole family can enjoy your beach trips and luxury escapes without hassles and troubles! Keep in mind the tips written above, and find out more from Part 2 of this article. See you there! 


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