12 Prognosis of Heart Disease You Must Avoid

Heart disease is not usually rushed. A long-term unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for this. And if some symptoms are caught early, you will have enough time to be alert. Let’s know some advanced predictions of heart disease this time.

Sleep Apnea

In the middle of sleep, many people get short of breath. Such incidents are especially related to the habit of snoring loudly. This prevents oxygen from reaching the brain for some time. This is called sleep apnea. This causes irregular heartbeat and gradually the patient’s heart becomes dysfunctional. Sleep apnea can be cured if caught in time.

Yellow Orange Rash

Excessive triglyceride (TG) can cause a rash on the toes, toes, or around the toes. As the yellow-orange rash progresses, you realize that you are at risk of heart disease or stroke.

Weak Fist

The grip of many hands decreases as they get older. It has a direct bearing on the power of your heart. If you have been struggling for a long time to grasp something, it is important to have a heart test.

Under The Nails

Be careful if you see small black round spots under the nails without any injuries. This is called endocarditis. This is due to the infection associated with the heart due to blood clots in the nails. Again, this can happen even if the diabetes is uncontrolled. If the two are together, the person’s risk of heart disease and stroke increases several times.

Frequent Dizziness

It can happen once or twice. But often if your head is dizzy or you have blurred vision, assume your heart is not pumping blood properly. When the heart is weak, the blood circulation in the muscles also decreases. Then it can be seen that he is not able to keep balance in some parts of his body.

Sexual Problems

This problem is also associated with heart disease. Even if the arteries become narrow, especially due to high blood pressure or cholesterol, there is sexual weakness or reluctance about the body.

Skin Color

If the fingers of the hand and especially the big toe turn blue, then it should be understood that oxygen-rich blood is not reaching there. This is due to the blockage of blood vessels. The appearance of a pale pink tinge in the skin also means that the cholesterol plaques are breaking down and clogging the small blood vessels.

Blood In The Gums

In medical parlance gum bleeding. Researchers have yet to find a direct link between bleeding gums and heart disease. However, in most cases, gum bleeding has been found to be accompanied by heart failure. With this, the risk of stroke has also been seen more.

Blemishes on The Skin

Many people have dark brown spots, especially near the neck, armpits or some folds of the body. This can happen even if the insulin hormone does not work properly. In this case, the heart may also be indirectly affected. If there are more such spots on the body, consult a doctor and get the necessary tests done.

Breathing Problem

The chest begins to throb for breathing after doing a moderate workout, but consult a doctor immediately without delay.

Swelling of The Legs

This happens during long periods of sitting or during pregnancy. And it is also the result of a decrease in the strength of the heart. Due to which fluid accumulates under the feet. This means that a block has formed in the soles of the feet, which is preventing blood from rising from the bottom to the top again.

Frequent Fatigue

This can happen if you do not sleep properly. However, if the whole body is full of fatigue, be careful about the heart. See if there is a cough problem as well. Because our anemia and depression are also responsible for depression.

So we should be careful when we see these symptoms. We should eat healthy food and a proper diet for the heart. Because the heart is the most important part of our body. We can not live without the heart. So we should take proper care of our hearts. Try to lead a healthy life for a healthy heart.

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Note :

This post is only for informative purpose, but not a medical advice. Always take medical advices in your health problems.

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