15 Innovative Ways To Use Your Wall Tapestry

Firstly I will introduce you to wall tapestry, a wall tapestry is an old form of art initially started 100 years ago but this art is continued by some artists they are making beautiful and colourful patterns in square cloths pieces and these tapestries are a very good option to renovate your room or decorate your room in a very different way these tapestries are really very innovative and beautiful thing to decorate a room, here is some innovative and unique way to use your wall tapestry if you have wall tapestry it can become your best way to decorate your room in a very different way and attract a lot of attention.

 1- Use It As A Bedspread

Bring the colour of art and beautiful allure to your bedroom and use your tapestry as a very beautiful bed sheet that no one has seen before with tapestry, you have 100 different pattern options that you can use and can surprise people with the beautiful art of the tapestry.

2- Use It As Yoga Mate

Beautiful artworks of a tapestry will make you meditate better as this makes a tapestry one of the best yoga and meditation mates you’ve ever used. It will help you get more spiritual and help you get more peace in mind.

3- Use It As A Backyard or Bed Tent

For your kids to enjoy the backyard and let them enjoy a stay intent a wall tapestry is beat for this use as it is very light in weight and big enough to make a decent size tent to help you make a tent and if you are not having a big o e you can just order online it will arrive on your door. You can make a bed tent also it will make you feel very different while you are in your bed lying beneath the arts of wall tapestry it would be a different experience.  

4- Use It As A Furniture Cover

Use a wall tapestry as a cover for your old furniture which did not go with your room’s decor one wall tapestry will make it new and a piece of beautiful furniture just by covering it.

5- USe It As A Sofa Cover

We always use a cover for our sofa to make it look beautiful and new so once try a tapestry to cover a sofa it will give your sofa a very different and beautiful look and we all know how beautiful and tapestry looks so you should give it a try as we all know the sofa is an one time buy the thing because it is expensive we should try this way of decoration.

6- Use it as a Cushion Cover Or Floor Pouffes

No doubt tapestry is the best way to decorate your pillows and floor pouffes as things look so normal to make it unique and beautiful you should try a tapestry.

7- Use It As A Curtain

Tapestry is the best way to use as a curtain it looks beautiful it feels peaceful arts of the tapestry make you feel cheerful and the sun rays hitting beautiful through your window looks amazing to try a tapestry as a curtain you will be obsessed with its beauty and guest in your home will be pleased by its beauty.

8- Use It As a Round Shaped Wall Hanging

If you are bored with your tapestry being hung in square shape you can easily make it round and make an old tapestry a new one in just 5 minutes. It will help you avoid or hide unwanted holes and any other thing in your wall.

9-Use It As A Round Beach Blanket

Wall tapestry is easy to carry, lightweight, big in size, not a see-through cloth, these qualities make it a very beautiful and usable beach blanket. Just a cherry on top of the cake you can cut the tapestry in round shape it will be a unique beach blanket.

10- Use It As A Beach Blanket

It is a very beautiful piece of art on a beach where a lot of crowds come. You can stand out by the beach blanket like this which is very beautiful and a beautiful piece of art.

11- Use It As A Wallpaper

 Wall tapestry is made to be a wall hanging decoration so it can replace your wallpaper as this is easy to change and fast you can change this decoration on weekly bases which will surprise people whenever they visit your house and these tapestries are not as expensive as wallpaper and look as beautiful as the wallpaper and some times better than that.

12- Use It As A Picnic Sheet

As wall tapestry is a very good beach blanket you can also use it as a picnic sheet. It makes you stand out of the crowd and make people look at the beautiful sheet in which you are sitting and as it is easy to carry and not much heavy in weight it makes a perfect picnic sheet.

13- Make it A Decorative Pillow

Like a piece of cloth, you can make anything out of it as it is very beautiful to look at and make your room unique. If you are a DIY lover you should use tapestry to make a different and beautiful Pillow.

14- Use It As A Headboard

A headboard gives a unique and different vibe to your room so it is very important to get a beautiful headboard for your room as it looks very beautiful and a headroom made by a tapestry is even more beautiful as it looks fresh and amazing and you can change it fast not like other fixed Headboard.

15- Use It As A Ceiling Tapestry

Tapestry on the ceiling can make your room more beautiful and help you hide unappealing marks or anything on your ceiling and it s=is easy to attach as ceiling tapestry and you can change it as the time goes, you can hang a tapestry of your favourite colour or a tapestry that matches your personality and vibe you can a lot of thing with the tapestry.

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