With these 5 steps you can obtain BEE Certification in India

With every moment’s passing, the world’s energy conserves are getting depleted. While the technical mind among us are going their part, most of them are driven by greed. That prompts the government to step in and create measures that compel – and at times – motivates the companies to come up with innovative energy efficiency solutions for electrical appliances. BEE certification is one such measure to motivate, or compel however you want to look at it.

As the time has passed and more companies have profitable nature of energy efficient appliances, BEE certification has become a hot commodity.

However, being a hot commodity doesn’t mean that the certification is easy to acquire.  That’s why, we are providing you the 5 steps of the BEE registration process in India

Step 1: Conduct preliminary search to ascertain whether or not you need the certification

BEE certification is not mandatory for every electrical appliance. However, the pace at which new products are being edit to mandatory list is increasing. So, sooner or later, you might find that your product is indeed the part of that.

But for now, find out whether you need it. If you don’t, you can, if you wish to, go through the voluntary registration process. Doing so would give you two benefits:

  1. It will give your product a star rating based on electrical efficiency.
  2. You can use that star rating as your marketing hook.

If you’re willing to enjoy the above benefits, go through the next step.

Step 2: Test the product at an NABL certified lab

Once you’ve made the decision to go through the rest of the BEE Certification process, you need to find a lab. That lab would test your product for its electrical power efficiency. If you think that your appliance is absorbing too much power, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t go back and rework its designs.

Remember, giving a 5 star rating to your product should be your goal with BEE certification. Anything less would be a travesty for your brand.

Step 3:  Register the brand of your equipment with the BEE

Go online and start filing the brand registration application with the BEE. The procedure is quite simple entailing the following steps:

  1. Search and visit the official BEE website
  2. Register your new account
  3. Navigate to your dash board and click on the brand registration link.
  4. Enter the details and submit the brand registration fee to finalize the process.

While you’re filing the application, you’ll receive prompts to upload the necessary documents.

Step 4: File the application of BEE brand registration

After you’ve registered your brand, the next time you login, you’ll see an option register a model in your dashboard.

  1. Click on the BEE model registration button
  2. Enter the details of your model.
  3. Upload the documents pertaining to the model’s technical specification.
  4. Submit the application. Download the filled application form.
  5. Put the printout inside the box containing the sample of the model for which you seek the star rating. Mail the package to the BEE headquarters.

Step 5: Assessment and Certification

After you submit the applications, the documents and the samples, your job is done. The only aspect of process that remains is assessment, and that’s the responsibility of the BEE. During the assessment, the Bureau might ask you to submit additional documents or fix any current issues with your submissions. Do so, and you’ll get BEE certification in India.


Each and every step of BEE certification that you take need to be precise. You have to make sure that your intention is to preserve the environment with your appliance, and not for the purpose of marketing.

The more altruistic – giving –  you seem the Bureau, the higher your chances are to get BEE certification on time.

As for the five star rating, and whether you’ll get it or not, it all depends on the in house testing that the BEE conducts on your product. If everything checks out, you’ll pass with flying stars – five of them.

Aren’t you sure how to get star rating for your appliance? With these 5 steps you can obtain BEE certification in India, and get your appliance that star rating you think it deserves. For more information about BEE registration process, reach out to Registrationwala.

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