5 Tips for Choosing the Specific Time of Doing Your Physical Exercises

Exercising regularly is important for good health. It is significant to combat physical inactivity which is one of the subtle yet leading causes of illnesses and death in the world. Aside from the visible, of course, exercising also boosts what’s unseen, what’s within. To keep the body fit, the mind clear and the immune system strong, you have to put in your best efforts in working out. And truly, it’s easier said than done. Most of the time, it’s challenging, especially when you do not seem to find time, to make time or to know how to — for exercise. 

Busy people can relate to that because their to-do lists and calendars are occupied by appointments and responsibilities. At the same time, lazy people also understand this but for an unproductive reason. On the other hand, there are people who are neither too busy nor too lazy. Rather, they just do not know how to properly manage their time for them to insert exercising into their regular plans. 

Regardless of who you may be among the above-mentioned types of people, this article is definitely for you! Below are 5 tips for choosing the specific time of doing your physical exercises. These may look like basic information, but let this piece greatly emphasize how you can make time for your workouts and commit to them! 


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A lot of people would choose sleeping over exercising, however, too much sleeping without physical activity is unhealthy. Instead of just chilling, living a sedentary lifestyle, exercise while considering your sleeping schedule.

Everyone has his/her own sleeping habits, born out of choice or of necessity. Some sleep early. Others sleep late. Some sleep really late! For some, morning is their night, while night is their morning because of their jobs or because they simply are night owls. 

Needless to say, you will get up and work out when you are feeling active and energized, not when you are groggy and sleepy. Although there are people who use physical exercises to wake themselves up, you can still assume that most people do not do that. More often than not, people prefer sleeping over exercising. 

So, are you asleep in the morning? Work out in the afternoon or in the evening. Or are you asleep in the evening, like the normal sleeping schedule? Well, sweat off in the morning or in the afternoon. 

Whatever sleeping pattern you possess, acknowledge it for it will be one of the huge determinative factors for choosing the specific time for your physical exercises. 


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Your most precious effort to give to exercising is your personal availability. Certainly, without your presence, there’s no way for your workouts to come into existence. 

You have an office meeting on Monday, an online conference on Tuesday and a grocery day on Wednesday. That’s not just it because Thursday is your pet’s veterinarian appointment, Friday is for your best friend’s birthday surprise, and Saturday is for a full car wash. Sunday is inevitably church day. So… when? 

Those are example scenarios, and pretty sure, you have a lot more! Everybody has unique busy schedules for real! 

Amidst your jam-packed schedules, when are you vacant? Or which part of them can you adjust to make way for a 30-minute physical exercise? Know when you are most available throughout the day or week. Yes, it’s best if it’s the ‘most’ available time, so you can focus and firmly set that date for exercising! 


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Some fitness vloggers and coaches present on YouTube say how easy it is to tuck a 20-minute exercise in a busy day. Well, for people with both hands full of duties, that’s not simple. 

Truly, 20 minutes (or any duration less than an hour) can be really really long for people who are fighting against time to accomplish their tasks, but if you really want to commit to exercising, you can do something! What’s more, exercise equipment is not always a requirement to do that; you can do walking, stretching and dance exercises too.

Ask yourself whether or not you can take breaks in between work, so you can exercise! The first thing to keep in mind here is that breaks are essential. Do not overwork yourself. Hydrate yourself, and eat properly. Stand up, walk around, and stretch out! Make sure you get to rest, relax and unwind as well. 

In those breaktimes, can you use up some minutes for exercising? Think about it.



You have been doing a wonderful job with exercising regularly, but there are times when you need one or two days off from your workout schedule because of other important reasons. It’s fine actually, but of course, be ready to make up to those skipped days. Once you do not make up for them and once you get used to not exercising again, it will be hard for your body and for your drive. That’s why even when you have to skip some workout days, be dedicated to covering them on your next exercise day!



Involving other people, one of the hindrances for exercising is when others are around. They’re not bothersome, but in a way, of course, they “disturb” you and your decision to work out.

Exercise when no one is expected to visit your home. It’s impossible to seriously work out when a friend is arriving, when the plumber is coming or when your relative is on their way to hand you birthday gifts. Unless they will come for a group exercise, that’s not an issue. 

Even your family at home or the people you live with can be your distractions. When they are cleaning the house, playing around or watching movies on the TV you’re supposed to use for your video guides, that can be considered “disturbing” your exercise. 

Know exactly when you can have a private and quiet time on your own exercise, or even when there are people around the house, know when they will not do anything that might “disturb” your exercising.   

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Although you have high-quality exercise equipment, big chunks of enthusiasm, wide exercise spaces and nice workout clothes, these will not be sufficient and will not be functional if you do not have time or if you do not handle it wisely.

The list above is surely a friendly reminder for everyone having difficulty determining when to work out. As you know, your biggest hurdle when it comes to dedicating yourself to exercising regularly is none other than yourself. There goes your busyness, your laziness and your other priorities, which are sometimes not really very important. 

Nevertheless, when you begin to choose the specific time of doing your physical exercises regularly, you will have better decision-making results and better time management. As a result, your eagerness to stick to those chosen schedules will pave way for an improved lifestyle, an enhanced health and a transformed life. 

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