5 Tips to Maintain Your Room Clean and Spacious

The process of moving out of your home and moving into a brand new house with the help of accommodation for guests that is paid can be a bittersweet process. It’s never easy to leave home and entering a new home full of possibilities can be exciting!

One of the major shifts that happen when you change the location of your stay from your house to a PG is that a home that is occupied by family members is an area of safety, but in the PG, you’re all on your all by yourself! It could be just as terrifying as it is thrilling!

A Hostel is a way to create your own space in your PG room. it’s now your home. You are your own reflection as a person, your attitude, mood even! Sometimes, the way your space looks may influence your mood or your mental state! We would strongly suggest that you keep your space clean and tidy!

Here are the top 5 ways to ensure your PG Room is Clean and Spacious:

1. Understand Your Room

2. Assess Your Space

3. Make Your Bed

4. Organise Mindfully

5. Intelligent Storage

1) Understand Your Room

Before you get started on cleaning and organizing make sure you be aware of your space. A look at Instagram and Pinterest for ideas could be helpful, yes but no two rooms are exactly identical. What we see online may not work for our spaces in the absence of understanding the room. Before you start understanding what’s best in your space, and the things that don’t. If space is a problem then plan your strategy in accordance with the space and if storage is a concern and you need to plan for it, be aware of that. Naturally, if you live within Zolostays storage and space will not be a concern! Zolostays provides you with the finest of spacious, fully furnished bathrooms with attached rooms, making life easier!

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2) Assess Your Space

Before you begin installing things, and then implementing your decorating/cleaning plan take a look at your space. Know the space you have available for various items, and then move in the stuff according to your needs. There is nothing that makes you feel less tidy more than hoarding more than you have room for. Make sure to take your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom balcony into account when you are making plans for your space. Bringing in only what is essential and suited to the space you have is an excellent idea in keeping your space clean.

3) Make Your Bed

When you’ve completed designing your space The first method to keep your room Clean and Spacious is to make beds’. It’s not as important and routine as it may seem, but making your bed will help you to clean and keep your space tidy but it can also bring a sense of satisfaction. Therefore, before you get up, set your bed and fold your blankets. remove wrinkles from your sheets, fluff your pillows, and clear the room. It is also possible to set the goal of not causing any disturbance to this setup during the day!

4) Organise Mindfully

Many people in the name of organizing things and storing things, end up hoarding organizers! This is not just unproductive but it is also not a healthy way to go about it. Therefore, when you are organizing your almirah area or desk space, think about your things out and buy adorable (and productive) organizers! Extra Tip: Buy metal or cloth-based organizers, not plastic ones. Another excellent method to bring mindfulness to your plans, and add freshness to your space is to plant a few plants! If you don’t have much space You can purchase smaller desk plants that will make your space appear more appealing! A second tip is to book a Zolostays room that has balconies, and you can pick as many plants as you’d like!

5) Intelligent Storage

Speaking of containers and storage Another tip to keep the Room Spiff and Span is designating storage containers for things according to size! You can find smaller containers for small knick-knacks, like tiny stationery pieces for your desk. You can arrange your books using inexpensive bookends or book organizers or even make DIY book organizers in your home! An excellent way to maximize the space in your almirah is to purchase those multi-level hangers that let you carry 3-4 clothes items in one. Go to your nearest thrift store or online retailer and set to fix some storage solutions!

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