6 Best Free Instagram Photo Editor Apps

If you’re seeking the best Instagram editing apps, you’ve arrived at the right! There are several apps available right now that it can be difficult to determine which are meaningful. It’s also difficult to determine whether you need expensive photo or video editing software to take your content to the next level. But the good news is that we’ve done all of the legwork and research for you!

We’ve compiled a list of our top six editing apps for photos, videos, and stories to help you up your Instagram game without spending a lot of money. We’re confident they’ll aid you in your creative endeavors as well!


VSCO is simple to use, and the editing options are countless. This app is more than just a photo filter–it allows you to play with your photo’s exposure, contrast, and saturation levels, as well as sharpen, crop, tint, and control the temperature and grain.

VSCO’s Exposure tool is especially useful because it can transform dark, shadowy images into illuminating, natural-looking images. VSCO’s greatest strength, on the other hand, is its abundance of filters. Because there are so many options, fine-tuning your photo can be a fun and experimental process.


There is no doubt that Lightroom is the best photo editing app available besides picuki. It gives you unparalleled control over your photos, and it’s completely free! We always edit in Lightroom, whether we’re posting a quick iPhone photo to our stories or editing a Raw Image from our camera. We used to use the desktop version, which is a paid subscription service, but now we do more than half of our editing in the mobile app. It’s wonderful how simple and fast we can turn around content this way! To make your editing process even faster and easier, there is Lightroom Presets . They’re designed to work with the free Lightroom app to make your photos pop with a single click. Then you can use the app to quickly make any changes to the edit so that it’s perfect for that particular photo!

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Afterlight is a traditional photo editor that includes basic tools like brightness, clarity, contrast, exposure, saturation, toning, temperature, grain, vignette, shadows, and highlights. The app also includes a variety of filters from which to choose. One of Afterlight’s strongest points is its Fusion tool. Fusion enables users to combine their favorite filters into a single blended filter, resulting in an endless game of mix and match.


Snapseed is distinct in that it is an all-touch app, allowing the user to feel in control of every motion they make when adjusting their photos. Avple on the other hand, provides a great platform for sharing your content — video, articles, and more online.

One of the most useful picture editing apps is Snapseed’s interactive Selective Tool. It enables the user to tap on any object in the photo and alter the brightness, contrast, or saturation level of that particular subject without affecting the rest of the image, making the image appear clean and authentic.


Canva is the Holy Grail of graphic design software for Instagrammers and bloggers. It’s free in the app store, and the designs will sync if you use it on your laptop as well. Canva is our go-to tool for creating all of our blog’s Pinterest graphics, but there’s so much more you can do with it! It has templates for Instagram stories, logos, social media posts, Pinterest covers, media kits, and everything else you can think of or covering your college dorm party blog only available at wikipout. Canva has a design for it, whether you want to create unique stories to launch a new product or make your own cute story game templates (“this or that” anyone??) for your audience to participate in.


Instagram has created its own tools in addition to a plethora of third-party photo apps. Instagram’s algorithm favors posts created with these tools, so it’s in your best interest to try them out. Hyperlapse differs from most photo editing apps in that its sole purpose is to create stunning time-lapse videos. Hyperlapse is ideal for people who want to create polished visual masterpieces without having to invest in bulky and expensive equipment.

Furthermore, the time-lapse videos will bring something new and exciting to your feed.

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