8 Bridal Makeup Tricks That Can Make Your Makeup Last All Night

This is the perfect wedding season, and there are never-ending events.

In this wedding season, trending bridal packages are the most searched keywords on Google.

So, are you going to be hitched soon?

Then, you must be concerned about bridal makeup, lehengas to make your wedding more special?

Your wedding makeup should reflect on your personality and complement your outfit. It’s tough to select the right makeup artist for your wedding night. You have to keep your trust in your artist’s skills. Makeup should translate your exact vision onto your face for the most important day of your life.

The best part about a wedding is that it goes for the whole night. And it is one of the main concerns for most women to last their makeup for a longer time. Many women grumbled that their bridal makeup hardly stayed all night.

Women with party makeup also complained about the same issue on wedding nights if they didn’t use the right makeup tricks. 

When you spend quality time dancing and singing, your makeup gets removed quickly.


Well, you have to add a few relevant products to your makeup regime to make your makeup last throughout the celebration.

As a bride, you must be curious about the trending bridal packages available in your location. You should even select the best parlor for all your celebrations.

Here are some of the eight party makeup tricks:

  1. Begin on a clean slate
  2. Make use of primer wisely
  3. Try to apply waterproof makeup
  4. Keep away from crusty, flaky
  5. Setup your makeup
  6. Wear long-lasting lipstick
  7. Carry your makeup essentials
  8. Try to keep your hands away
  1. Begin on a clean slate: First, you should gently wash your face so that your face exfoliates. After gently cleaning your face, you should protect your pores with a toner. Products work best on clean skin. Don’t miss applying an oil-free moisturizer after applying the toner. It would help if you waited to get it to sink for your skin. Oil is the only thing that can spoil your makeup. So, try not to use oil before applying makeup. It would help if you used an oil-free moisturizer before applying the makeup. 
  1. Make use of primer wisely: Makeup Primer acts as a base between your makeup and skin. Generally, it is used underneath eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, mascara, and nail polish to create a base and prevent chemicals from leaking into your pores. With the help of a primer, you can apply makeup more evenly and keep other products in place for the whole day. Is primer sounding like magic for your makeup? It reduces the amount of makeup you use and makes application a little easier with its mineral-based and oil-free primer. It acts as a savior for your entire makeup and helps to last for the whole night.   
  1. Try to apply waterproof makeup: You have to use all the right tools like applying setting powder, layering an eyeliner, trying a tint, spraying it down, sealing it in, waxing it up, going for gel. Well, you have to switch to mascara, waterproof eyeliner, and eye-shadow for creating blotch-free sharp eyes. Get rid of your makeup before going to sleep, and wash your clean properly after getting rid of makeup.   
  1. Keep away from crusty, flaky: You can apply several light layers over your concealer and build it up to give a natural and smooth look. You have to blend it well and ensure that your base should not look cakey by the time you reach the wedding party. It would help if you were beautiful with makeup rather than look ugly with it.  
  1. Setup your makeup: You have to use a makeup setting spray to make it last longer. Suppose you are not comfortable with makeup spray. Then you have to apply some setting powder to give a matte finish to your makeup. You have to minus the grease so that you can make home beauty regime easy.
  1. Wear long-lasting lipstick: Lipstick always enhances your look and brings as a savior of any waning makeup trick. You have to put enough effort into making that lipstick stay longer and save you from any makeup chaos later. First, you need to smudge a thin layer of foundation on your lips and outline your lips with a lip-liner of any neutral hue to complement the shade of your lipstick.
  1. Carry your makeup essentials: You can carry a pouch of all your makeup essentials to keep yourself safe from any makeup-melting emergencies. It also includes your compact, lipstick, concealer in case of a smudgy situation, and tissues. You have to keep excess oil at bay as it is the main enemy of long-lasting makeup. You can pat your face with grease occasionally.
  1. Try to keep your hands away: You should resist yourself from touching your face now and then. If you resist touching your face, you can help protect your makeup, and it will last for longer without getting smudged.


Ensure to take help of the above wedding makeup tips along with the right products. It will help you to get ready like a princess on your wedding night. You can take the help of a salon appointment app to avail of the best makeup & bridal packages for your D-Day. If you follow these tips, other girls will be jealous of you with your overnight lasting makeup trick. It will make you tension-free and boost your confidence to enjoy your party more. 

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