Activities To Do On Silversea Alaska Cruise

Silversea Alaska cruise is famous for its activities. Nature lovers, landscape photographers, and those looking to explore unspoiled wilderness regions will find Alaska to be a cruising heaven. It’s a cruise location unlike any other, with its spectacular mountains, multiple glaciers, and countless hiking paths. In the summer, you may kayak through iceberg-filled fjords, go whale and bear watching, or come later in the season to see the Polar Lights.

Before Planning your vacations in Silversea Alaska cruises must enlist all the activities you should do. Don’t waste your on just random things. Use Silversea Alaska cruise reviews as a helping hand. From the reviews, you will get to know about many important destinations to explore. For your ease here are some important Silversea Alaska cruise destinations you should visit.

5 Activities Not To Miss On Silversea Alaska Cruises 

Riding the Alaska Railroad 

Riding Alaska’s picturesque trains is a must-do on any trip to the Last Frontier. It’s likely that it’s included in your cruise trip, and many legs provide more opportunities to view alternative pathways. Anchorage to Halsey and Talkeetna to Whittier are two popular stretches of the railroad, which extend from Fairbanks in the north to Seward in the south.

Rail passengers may catch some fresh air and capture up-close photographs of waterfalls and other magnificent landscape scenes from viewing platforms located between the passenger trains. For an extra fee, dining carriages provide good beer and cuisine. While guides discuss the history and significance of nature flying by your window, search the horizon line for moose.

Dog Shedding 

A visit to a dog sledding camp teaches a lot about the state sport and how climate change is influencing it, in addition to seeing gorgeous puppies. Camps are continually shifted over the summer months due to diminishing ice and snow conditions, and the Course is rerouted each year.

However, when it comes down to it, huskies are really cute, and the opportunity to ride a dog sled is a dream come true for many. A plane journey from Juneau to a camp above Mendenhall Glacier is perhaps one of the most unforgettable dogs’ sledding adventures.

Explore Denali National Park

Denali National Park, Alaska’s most popular destination, is not included in your usual cruise route due to its position far north of the coast. However, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation still calls for a visit to one of the country’s most breathtaking National Parks, so book your flight a few hours sooner or later than your cruise departure/arrival.

Every day, additional excursions and outdoor experiences are available to ensure that you get the most out of the park’s distinctive desert arctic.

The Northern Lights 

You couldn’t miss the Aurora Borealis, even if it wasn’t a destination. There’s nothing quite like looking up at the night sky and seeing green lights arcing over it.

Although the optimum months for watching the Northern Lights do not coincide with the Silversea Alaska cruise season, you can increase your chances by going at the beginning or end of the cruise season. 

On a clear night, early May or late September give longer darkness hours than summer and an opportunity to observe the lights. It would be wonderful if you could visit in April.


Although dog skiing is the state activity, fishing is by far the most popular Alaskan activity. A fishing excursion is a must-do Alaskan experience, whether for fun or for food especially when it comes to salmon. Various kinds of salmon, redfish, and halibut virtually burst from the water during the state’s summer months (which match beautifully with cruise season).

If you plan an Alaska cruise with Silversea, they provide a fun “Cook My Catch” excursion that starts with a salmon fishing expedition and concludes with your treasured catch on the plate or bowl that night.


Flightseeing is an exciting (although costly) flight across mountain ranges and high above the huge animals, rivers, and valleys that carve up the earth below. Aerial views are available almost everywhere in Alaska, and flightseeing may be included into a variety of other activities, such as a glacier landing, tundra trek, dog riding camp, or bear sighting tour.

A flight above Denali’s mountains is extremely stunning, especially if you land on the ice! Make it a point to fly at least once while you’re at the Last Frontier (and not only for the return journey).

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