4 Health-Threatening Effects of A Clogged Drainage System at Home

The drainage system is a very important aspect that every homeowner should focus on and care about. Although many people do not put high regard to it because they do not know how it works, you should do your best to ensure that your sewer runs efficiently and is free from major drainage system issues.

Because of an operational drainage system, water that comes from your house is kept from flowing back into it. It ensures that grime and debris riding the water are all thrown out of the house and not stuck and stored unfavorably. Sewage withdrawn by sinks, toilets and bathrooms is surely released from your house, and that is doubtlessly vital. It keeps your house and the surroundings clean. Furthermore, a good drainage system sees to it that the soil is oxygenated because surplus or remaining water can drown plants and foliage. It prevents soil erosion and nutrient decline.

When a drainage system is problematic, a lot of things can truly go wrong at home. First of all, it is extremely inconvenient; second, it can bring harm to one’s health. Yes, we’re talking about the plumbing system of the house, but we’re also diving into its impact on human health once it becomes harmful and unsafe.

Be enlightened. Here are 4 health-threatening effects of a clogged drainage system at home. Share them to keep your loved ones safe too!

1 – Bacteria buildup

When water pipes are blocked, dirt cannot get out, thus bacteria will surely build up. As they get clogged, water and waste are constrained from release and are urged to flow back to your house. That’s gross and dangerous because that filthy water, along with the pipe it gets trapped in, will become a birth site for unhealthy germs and harmful microorganisms.

You might notice that the water that you will be using for bathing might become mucky. Your bathroom floor might also be overflowing with water as the floor drain does not accept the water trying to enter.

What’s worse is that this can happen to the water you use in cleaning your clothes, dishes and food. If you are drinking tap water, this is very dangerous. Waterborne diseases can easily be acquired through directly drinking polluted water.

2 – Pest infestation

Grubby and damp areas are also pests’ favorite places to hang out. Not only minute pathogens and microbes rest on them but also visible, disgusting pests. The dark, wet, greasy pipes clogged with liquids, hairs, fragments of food and other waste particles are perfect parks for pests to feast in.

Cockroaches, mites, flies, rodents and all the assorted kinds of them present horrible problems to homes with a dysfunctional drainage system. Their presence is not simply annoying and bothersome to the sight. More disturbingly, they bear disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Some even die inside those pipes, and that is another irksome concern, which may lead to another set of pesky parasites.  

To make these worse, live pests that come out of the pipes move around other parts of the house. Their feet carry dirt from inside those ducts and tubes, then they walk and run in the house, like nothing happened. Without your knowledge, bacteria is transported in diverse regions inside your home.

Pest infestation is surely an exasperating effect of a clogged drainage system.

3 – Ill-smelling odors

Since water is involved, a problematic drainage system exudes ill-smelling odors. Oftentimes, plumbing issues can be easily noticed and detected when foul smells are always experienced in and around the house. When you flush down the toilet, a bad odor is expelled. It’s a sign of a clogged drainage system.

Discomfort is contained inside the house because the rotten smells can take one’s tummy upside down and can make someone lose his/her appetite. When some family members have breathing issues or are sensitive to odors, they might experience coughing and wheezing. Those smells might not be merely stenchy but also toxic.


A serviceable drainage system makes life better and keeps it safe as well. Prevention of overflowing and flooding is its primary benefit. Water is kept from accumulating and causing stagnant water where many health issues can arise.  

Moreover, if you haven’t heard of it yet, an excellent water system can increase the value of a house. In case you sell your property in the future, you can do so at high rates that are profitable for you and fair for the homebuyers. In terms of depreciation benefits, you can also claim them without worry. On the other hand, a clogged drainage system decreases the value of your property, gives you headaches and puts your life to harm.

Shoo away possible dangers that a clogged drainage system can bring by investing in a top-notch plumbing system. Speak with plumbing experts to secure an excellent and reliable installation for your new home. For an existing house experiencing waterwork troubles, don’t hesitate to contact professional plumbers and repairmen to help you! 

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