What are the Different Types of boxes for food?

Custom food packaging boxes are crucial for the protection and placement of food. These boxes protect the eatables from staleness, tempering and damage. These boxes help to determine the portion sizes and display the product information. Food is an inevitable part of human life. It affects the quality of health. Nobody can live without food. That’s why; the hawkers and the marketers ensure the careful packaging to keep the eatables fresh.

There are various types of food packaging boxes that are made from different materials.

Different types of Food Packages

Following are the different type of food packaging boxes that are being used worldwide

Glass Containers

These are the containers that are available in different sizes and shapes. These are airtight, liquid resistant and stain proof. These glass containers also contain the environment-friendly silica, soda, limestone and other natural components. The glass containers allow a clear view of the food products for the customers. They can easily be placed in the microwave, freezer, and oven.

Reusable bags

These are thin and made up of plastic material. They prevent the food items from coming to the direct contact with the air and environment. There are number of items placed in the bags such as snacks (chips and potato pops), fruit and vegetables.

Custom food packaging boxes
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Stainless Steel Container

These are widely used in homes. These are placed in the kitchens. These containers are portable and appealing at the same time. These containers keep the food items safe from the germs, and contamination.  The elegantly designed stainless steel containers are also present on the cabinet and countertops at the food stalls. It is easy to write on the steel material. So it is easy for the food sellers to mark what is stored in the containers.


These are the rigid containers that mostly contain beverages, milk, soup, syrups and gravy. Most of the containers are round in shape. They have a small diameter. The upper portion of the can has a small opening where the cap is placed to cover its mouth. These are different from jars and bottles.

Food Trays

The food trays are widely used everywhere to place the food items. They are flat, thick paperboard material with the deep bottom and raised edges to keep the product in the container.


There is no part of the world where the cartons are not used. These are made from the corrugated cardboard. These are also coated with plastic or paraffin to increase their resistance against moisture. These are available in many packaging styles and shapes. These include:

Egg Cartons

These are the cardboard boxes that are shaped to protect eggs during transport.

Aseptic Cartons

These are made from layered paper, aluminum foil and plastic. Many recyclable cartons are recyclable in major cities. These cartons are also known as Tetra Paks. The aseptic cartons are widely used in the packaging of juice boxes, chicken, beef, vegetable broth, soup, rice, soya, non-dairy milk, wine and other preservatives.  This is the packaging that we see today on the shelf of every grocery store. It came into prominence in 1959. But now it is everywhere.

Folding Cartons

These are the product containers that made from paperboard or cardboard. These are also available in different sizes and shapes. The cardboard can be printed with artwork, graphics, or any other design you want. You can die cut and fold them easily.

Gable-Top Cartons

These are used in the packaging of the liquid food items. This carton has the gable on the top that can be pinched and pulled to open. They are used for the drinks such as milk and juices.


Nets are used by the vegetable sellers to keep vegetables in them. These are made by crossed plastic threads. They are also used to transport vegetables and other products from one place to another.

Peelable Packages

It is the packaging that consists of a tub sealed in the upper part. The product is packed inside this airtight container. Thus the product is sealed properly. It is protected from the outside environment.


These are the cylindrical containers with the closed end. It has a dispenser in the other end. This dispenser is covered with the cover.


These are used everywhere to cover the delicious confectionaries such as candies, granola bars and chocolates. These are used to protect these eateries from the environment.

Simple Cardboard Boxes

These are simple cardboard boxes. It consists of two parts. One is the lower part where the food item is placed. The upper part is used to cover the food from the dust of the air. These are used by the fast food brands such as Pizza, burger, and fries.

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