Do not separate by English ability

By learning from each other, you will develop certificate 4 in information technology the social skills and communication skills you need when you go out into society. So what does your school’s English education look like? I would like to hear from you about the overall education of the English department in certificate 4 in information technology.

Not limited to English, I think that lessons with a small number of people will increase the time and communication of students and lead to detailed instruction. Based on the merit of such a small number of students, the first graders are divided into 24 students per class, the second and third graders are divided into 40 students per class, and teachers are assigned to each class. It can be anomalous depending on the content, such as team-teaching or writing lessons.

Focusing on writing instruction because the conversation

Also, since the output does not increase without input, we are focusing on input. Such as learning English words and English grammar and getting English information in mind by reading and listening. Especially in the last few years, I have been focusing on writing instruction. Because conversation and pair work have been restricted in Corona. As of the third year of junior high school, it covers basic writing. Can be used even in the first year of university. In addition, we are also working on extensive reading to reduce resistance to reading by touching various English sentences.

I think that some schools organize classes according to their proficiency level. Of course, some children have educate in English for 6 years. At the kindergarten and returnees, we do not dare to classify them. In the learning community I mention earlier, I think that synergistic effects can be obtaine by teaching. People what they are good at and teach people who are not good at it. Based on the results of overseas research that labeling such as “You are in the lower class”. Is counterproductive in terms of motivation, It is a policy not to stratify by academic ability.

Reasons for introducing cert 4 it / cert 4 it Junior

Why did you switch from the Eiken that use at your school to cert 4 it / cert 4 it Junior? This is an operational issue, but in the case of Eiken, there is a situation. Where there is a limit to the implementation as a school in terms of the fee system, such as. The cost burden on an application basis, so an alternative test is introduce. I was considering. On the other hand, cert 4 it / cert 4 it Junior is a post-billing, and it is a reasonable fee system. At the expense of the examinee only. In terms of exam management, it is extremely flexible, as it is possible to divide the subjects into multiple classes. The fact that the same cert 4 it / cert 4 it Junior introduce by the affiliate. School Keio Chutobu was also a factor in the switch.

The regular test that measures

In addition, certificate 4 in information technology has a different purpose from the Eiken test. Which follows the curriculum guidelines, and the regular test that measures. The degree of retention within the learning range is usually used in life-size.

School life and classes in the United States. This is a non-examination test in which the words and grammar use in the test are use in the test. Even if you take the same test with different questions, the scale is the same, so the reliability. The score is high no matter when you take the test, which is one of the reasons why you have an option. In the end, the deciding factor for the introduction was the content according. The developmental stage of the student mentioned earlier and the fact that it fits the life-size life of the examinee.

What do you expect from TOEFL Primary / TOEFL Junior?

You can compare by score and level, not just pass or fail, so I hope that you will be able to follow. The growth of your English proficiency by repeating the number of times.

 In addition, our students do not have high school entrance exams. University entrance exams, and the general motivation. Studying English, which is said in the world, has disappeare. Under such circumstances, I think that aiming to improve the score in such an exam. Maybe motivating for students studying English to study abroad in the future.

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