Frequently Recover Outlook PST Data File and Solve the Errors

How to Recover Outlook PST Data File with the Manual Solution?

Outlook PST Data File – PST files, or Personal Storage Files, are the data files used by Outlook to store all of a user’s mailbox items, such as emails, contacts, calendar events, and other items. PST files, like any other type of file, can be corrupted or damaged. When the PST files in Outlook become corrupt, users lose access to their imported emails and other mailbox contents and recover Outlook PST data files with the PST repair tool a perfect solution.

Causes of Outlook PST File Corruption

If your Outlook PST file is stored on faulty sectors on your hard disc, you have a data storage device failure.

Outlook PST files can be corrupted as a result of virus attacks.

PST files can become corrupted as a result of Outlook crashes or unintentional termination.

Outlook 2007 and other editions: Smart Solution to Repair Corrupt PST Files

The Outlook PST repair tool can allow you to recover Outlook PST data file in a basic manner. This will thoroughly scan and fix corrupt Outlook 2007 or other editions PST files. One of the software’s many functions is the ability to recover whole emails, contacts, and other information without difficulty from a corrupt, inaccessible, or encrypted file.

Outlook PST Recovery Software’s Key Features

Emails, contacts, calendars, and other data can be quickly recovered from a severely corrupted Outlook PST file.

Both UNICODE and ANSI PST files of MS Outlook are supported by the software for conversion and recovery.

There are no restrictions on the size of PST files, and users can easily recover an infinite number of mailbox items from faulty PST files.

You can split Outlook mailbox PST files into many little PST files using this tool’s splitting capability to reduce file size.

How to Recover Outlook PST Data File that has been Corrupted

“Download” and install the Outlook PST Recovery Software on your computer.

On the welcome screen, click the “Select PST” button, and the software will open a new window with two file selection buttons on your screen.

Choose File: To import an Outlook PST file from a previously selected place, select File.

Outlook PST Mailbox Search:- To start looking for Outlook PST mailbox files, select a folder and click this button.

To begin correcting PST file corruption faults, add the PST file to the software and select the “Start Scanning” option.

Scan the PST file for all mailbox folders and elements, such as emails, contacts, and calendars, then import them all.

From the pst file, get a glimpse of each item (email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, journals).

Select the relevant directories from the software’s preview window, then select “Save PST” from the top menu.

Pick Export to PST from the list of conversion options, and if necessary, select Split PST from the list of options.

After that, select a location to save the output files and press the convert button to begin the process.


In this blog, the PST repair program was used to explain how to recover Outlook PST data files. Users can simply fix their faulty PST file and regain access to their Outlook mailbox by following the steps outlined above. Users can also try converting PST files with up to 25 items from each folder for free using the software’s sample version.

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