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Dubai is one of the world’s fastest-growing business hubs and offers state-of-the-art facilities for local and international businesses. Dubai is an integral part of a business world driven by innovation. With political stability and strong economic culture, Dubai’s government offers business-friendly rules that attract investors from all over the world.

In this article, you will find Compaq’s guidelines for Business Setup Services In Dubai. Before you start a business in a great economy like Dubai, you need to understand its culture. Dubai is an international, multicultural city with people from all over the world. Once you are familiar with the culture of the place, you need to understand the rules and regulations and the type of business you can start.

The legal framework for setting up a company in Dubai is based on UAE Federal Law No 8 of 1984 and the Companies Law, an amendment to Federal Law No 13 of 1988, whose laws govern the operation of foreign companies in Dubai, UAE. In general, the requirements of these regulations are as follows.

The Federal Law requires that the total shareholding of local shareholders in any commercial enterprise be at least 51 percent and describes seven categories of commercial organizations that may be established in the UAE. The regulations clarify the requirements regarding shareholders, directors, minimum capital requirements, and company registration procedures. The law also sets out the requirements for the conversion, merger, and dissolution of companies and enterprises.

You will have many opportunities in Dubai, where you will have the best economy based on a solid administrative foundation. The Dubai authorities have divided the city into different economic jurisdictions. Different types of companies can be established in Dubai depending on the type and location of the company, which are divided into three main categories, namely land, free zones, and offshore. Remember that Dubai welcomes foreign investment, but rules and regulations must be followed. To enter Dubai in the UAE you must have a guarantor who is responsible for you.

The importance of a guarantor can be demonstrated by the fact that it is a must-have for any purpose, be it business or a simple visit. When setting up a business in Dubai, a guarantor is required and for all types of businesses, a guarantor or service agent is required. On the mainland, a local resident or a company established in the UAE acts as a guarantor, for professional services a service agent acts as a guarantor, and for setting up a company in a free zone, a guarantor is required, in which case the free zone acts as guarantor.

To open a business in mainland Dubai, you need a valid licence issued by the administrative authority. This authority is called the Dubai Economic Development Authority (DED) and is the government agency responsible for issuing business licences. The renewal, revocation and updating of licences is also regulated by the Dubai Economic Development Authority (DED).

For the convenience of applicants, the Dubai Department of Economic Development operates for different regions and finds the application review process rigorous, but ensures that applications are processed quickly. In mainland Dubai, the Dubai Economic Development Department (DED) issues four types of licences: commercial, professional services, branch and industrial.

By law, opening a business licence in mainland Dubai requires the assistance of a local UAE resident, also known as a local sponsor. The local sponsor legally owns 51% of the company, while you own only 49% of the shares. However, you are granted full management rights. You can sign a contract with the local sponsor and pay an annual fee to become a sponsor. Local sponsors sometimes act as silent partners. A Local Sponsor can be an individual, a company or a group based in the UAE.

If you are setting up a business involving professional services, you do not need to have a local sponsor; in this case, you only need a service agent. The service agent acts on your behalf and helps you deal with the local administrative authorities so that you can start your business. You are allowed to have a 100% shareholding in your own professional company and the service agent will only be paid once for the service provided.

Free Zones are special economic zones in Dubai that are specifically designed to attract foreign investment. Businesses in free zones are wholly owned by the investor, so there are many options to choose from. Each free zone in Dubai has a Free Zone Authority or Free Zone Authority. If you want to set up a business in Dubai, you need to make an appointment with the Free Zone Authority. This authority may require you to submit various legal documents before finally giving you the green light in the form of a permit.

The Free Zone offers several attractive opportunities for foreign investors, such as 100% ownership of the company. There are a number of tax-free options you can take advantage of, such as personal income tax and corporate tax exemptions. There are various options for setting up a business in Dubai’s free zones, for example, you can set up as a limited liability company or a service provider organization, and there are various licensing options available. Companies in the free zones can conduct international business. When the time comes, you can simply close the company. Less paperwork is required to close a company in a free zone.

Offshore is another type of company formation available in Dubai and is very well known. Offshore means a business entity established outside the country of incorporation in an offshore jurisdiction. Dubai’s offshore jurisdiction offers a number of advantages for your business in terms of asset protection, tax optimization, and business expansion. Companies incorporated in Dubai’s offshore jurisdiction must comply with the rules and regulations for offshore companies and are not allowed to trade within the offshore jurisdiction.

When deciding on the type of company you want to set up in Dubai, you should consult the relevant authority. The best way is to hire professional help. There are several consultancy firms ready to help you with the paperwork and authorities. The regulatory authorities will require you to submit various documents and documentation.

Here are some steps you can follow: first, do your research and decide on the type of company you want to hire, choose a jurisdiction and follow it. Professional help is recommended when setting up a company in Dubai. Prepare the licensing documentation and obtain guidance on the licensing conditions, as there are certain activities that you can carry out and certain activities that you are not allowed to carry out. You can choose one license that allows more than one business activity.

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