Herbal Teas, Its Benefits And Types 

Herbal teas and its meaning 

Herbal teas are the beverages that come from the suffusion of dried herbs, spices, flowers. This tea type also uses fruit, seeds, roots, or leaves of other plants in hot water. However, typically herbal teas are not made from the camellia plant. Some herbal blends contain actual camellia plant to enhance the taste.

In Europe herbal teas goes by the name tisanes.  Herbal teas are good in taste. Also, different type of herbal tea has different health benefits. In ancient times herbal teas were used to treat health problems. Herbal teas nowadays too can help in increasing immunity.

What makes herbal teas different from normal tea? 

Herbal teas are different from the true teas. They differ from black tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea and oolong tea, as it does not contain caffeine naturally.  Sometimes true teas are processed specifically to avoid caffeine content.

With the help of various researches it has been found that in fact herbal tea does have some incredible benefits. Herbal teas are loaded with antioxidants. It helps in decreasing the harmful effects of free radicals. It can also help you to treat oxidative stress and acts as immunity booster.

Nowadays people are switching to herbal tea for its benefits. The flavors of herbal tea is another attraction. Herbal tea comes in consumption as hot or cold depending upon your preference. Hence herbal teas makes it an ideal substitute to various other cold drinks.

Types of herbal tea and its benefits 

Buying tea online is extremely convenient and you can options to choose from various stores. If you want buy herbal teas online, explore the options today and make that perfect buy for a good health. Let us introduce you some herbal teas and their benefits that will help you stay healthy:

  1. Peppermint Herbal Tea

Consuming peppermint provides refreshing taste and aroma, and its calming properties and other compounds have potential health and beauty benefits. It relaxes your muscles and provides restful sleep, treat digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating and also relieve menstrual cramps. Moreover, it does not contain any calories and is caffeine-free. So you can drink it as much as you want.

  1. Ginseng Herbal Tea

This tea comes from the roots of ginseng plant and is full of numerous health benefits. Earlier it was only popular in Korea, but slowly it is spreading across the world. This drink has a strong taste and smell. It can act as a relaxing agent for your body. This tea is one of the best herbal tea types for healthy living. It is full of with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  The tea brings hormonal balance. It cn also help improve memory, control hypertension and high blood pressure.

  1. Hibiscus Herbal Tea

It has sweet and tart flavor.  This tea helps to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This tea type promotes liver health. It also helps to increase HDL (Good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (Bad cholesterol). This tea is rich source of vitamin C.

  1. Moringa Herbal Tea

It consists of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It offers nutritious compounds essential for human health. Having flavor similar to green tea, moringa herbal tea has moringa leaves. Similarly, it reduces insulin resistance. The tea can help to balances blood sugar level. It can also combat malnutrition. Herbal tea online buy can help you to enjoy a good taste along with a good health.

  1. Chamomile Tea

This tea is extracted from the Asteraceae plant family. It is full of flavonoids and free from caffeine. It can benefit both your health and skin. This soothing drink possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also reduces the long-term risk of diabetes. Consuming Chamomile Tea helps to promote bone density.

  1. Lemongrass Herbal Tea

It has citrusy flavor, and it is a powerhouse of vitamins. Taking it after dinners helps in proper digestion. It also contains anxiety-reducing properties. The tea helps to boost metabolism by helping in burning more calories. It also improves oral health and prevents cavities.

  1. Echinacea Tea

It is popular for treating common cold. This tea is also full of anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. This makes it a super powerful herbal supplement for various health hazards. It helps in reducing pain and inflammation.

Above all, the options for herbal teas as per ingredients are many. So you can get to choose your herbal tea as per your requirement.  

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