How can you avoid pregnancy naturally?

There are many people or couples who want to know about how they can avoid pregnancy naturally. Well, there are different things that can help you to avoid it. And when it comes to naturally, it is safer too.

So, if you are looking for the answer to the question like how to avoid pregnancy naturally, then this is a post for you.  You would get an idea about some natural ways that may help you avoid pregnancy. So, here are a few points you must not miss out on.

Try the start-stop technique

Now, this is more about the male partner than the female. Your male partner can try to take care not to ejaculate inside you (the partner). This is a method requires practice, and there is always a risk that the sperm could have somehow enter the vagina. Hence , it is quite better to do such a thing along with other sort of proven contraceptive methods if you like. But if you are really sure that you ace that practice of controlling then you can definitely avoid pregnancy.

Go for sex during the safe period

It is a method that offers an extra layer of precaution in case you already have some sort of protection in place. You can evade the ovulation days that generally take place two weeks before your period. A great way to go about it is to simply talk to or consult a fertility expert to track your overall ovulation days and hence, schedule your sex or intercourse accordingly. Of course, once you keep a check on it and do the intercourse accordingly, you can be more confident about not getting pregnant.

Search for cervical discharge

You would be knowing that  a woman’s body generates a transparent, jelly-like discharge in the days that lead up to ovulation. Here, if you abstain from sex during this time of the month can actually prevent ovulation. So, you need to be really watchful about such discharge and you can be sure if you are on the right path or not. Many couple do keep an eye on it and accordingly plan their sex or intercourse.

Papaya (papita)

Now, it is something that is as per the believes of the people. There are individuals who think if you have unsafe intercourse, taking or consuming papaya two times a day for the next 3 to 4 days could reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. Some people even believe that when the fruit gets consumed by the male partner, it may even reduce sperm count. So, it is now something that depends on your spouse and you. You need to be thoughtful about these things and bring this papaya in your life. After all, these are the things that have been experienced by couples and so, you can also try it out for yourself. Who knows it works for you too!


So, since you have a good idea about how to prevent pregnancy naturally, you may give a try to any of the discussed points. After all, it is all about what and how you and your partner do.

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