How iKnowMed EMR Operates In Oncology Practices

Managing an oncology practice requires a level of precision and professionalism. However, it also requires an organized workflow that is maintained at all levels of care. How can practices achieve such a result? The answer may be in the software that they choose. This kind of software is called an EMR, or an electronic medical record.

But, there are so many options for EMR out there, which one should you choose? An option to consider is iKnowMed! This is an amazing tool that can be used by practices to improve their workflow. It also helps them provide services to their patients in a way that can help them enhance their overall experience.

What Does iKnowMed EMR Do?

An EMR has quickly shifted from an advanced accessory for medical practices to a common occurrence in most facilities. This is because they have helped organize work in an extremely effective way. There is also the aspect that the use of EMR is encouraged by regulatory bodies. This is because it helps to keep information collected uniform.

However, you may not have used an EMR before, or you may be thinking of changing the EMR you work with. Then, you need to be able to consider what options are available for you out there. One software that has gotten a lot of attention in this is iKnowMed. This is especially true when considered in regards to the benefits to oncology practices.

Even though most EMR have specialty tools, what really makes this software stand out is the fact that it was created for oncology. Therefore, it is a good choice for doctors in this field. In order to truly understand the amazing tools offered by this software, you can try and look into their demo or reviews.

Features of iKnowMed

Now that we know all of the histories behind this software, it’s time to dive into the features. So, what does this software have to offer? We’ve compiled a list of the five most impressive features, which will help you see how it is best suited for oncology. Remember, what makes iKnowMed stand out is the fact that it is curated specifically for oncology practices.

Prescribe Medications For Everyone’s Convenience

When in oncology practices, medication is an extremely part of the work you do. You may have to occasionally encounter patients coming all the way to the practice for a refill. This can become tiring and inconvenient for all parties involved in the process. However, luckily iKnowMed has the tools that can prevent this inconvenience from happening.

With this software, you can make prescriptions online, which means it is extremely easy to send them out as well. Prescriptions can then be sent over to the pharmacy that the patient prefers. Instead of coming to the practice to visit, the patient can send a refill request and just pick up their medications from there. This helps the entire process flow better.

Effectively Diagnose And Identify Cancers

Another amazing benefit of iKnowMed is that it allows you to make better diagnoses. As an oncologist, it is obvious that you want to make sure your patients have access to the best in medical care. You also want to be able to make effective diagnoses that operate under an understanding of the sensitivity of the subject matter you work with.

This software has been designed to give you the best results. The tools involved keep in mind the standardized rules for creating a diagnosis. This helps you create a better plan and treatment course for each patient. Therefore, your treatment plans are curated for the patient and are created using strategic and regulated care principles.

Access The Software Anywhere And Anytime

One of the biggest benefits of this software is that it is remotely accessible. This means you can use it on absolutely any device, no matter what time and location you are in. Because of this, in emergency situations, you always have access to patient data and histories. The cloud server of the software allows you to make this happen in an effective manner.

Doctors cannot be expected to recall all of the patient data off the top of their heads when they are needed to. This is why having a system like this on hand can be a huge benefit for practices. You can also use the system to create a system of efficiency. Using a cloud-based system helps you access data faster and more efficiently.

Easily View And Access Lab Results

Another great aspect of iKnowMed is the fact that you can use the software to integrate and connect with a lab. You can also connect with other departments, such as pathology and radiology. Therefore, you can collect all of the information from various specialists and experts before you make a diagnosis for the patient.

The test orders are sent from the software, and results are also received in the software. What this does is create a system of communication between experts, while at the same time improving productivity. The test results also help you keep patient information in one place because they can be added to the patient file.

Collect And Comprehensively Covery Histories

You can also use this software to gather information about patients including their detailed histories. This is especially important when dealing with oncological patients. You can gather data about their previous diagnoses, or the treatments they were prescribed. You also need to know what their previous medical vitals were like, so you can plan ahead.

This information is critical in order to create comprehensive and holistic diagnoses and treatment plans for each individual patient. The software assists the entire process by allowing you to check the patient file. Not only does this feature lend itself to the creation of better care for patients, but it is also extremely quick for doctors.

How Is iKnowMed Suited To Oncology?

The software iKnowMed was created with oncology practices in mind, which means it has the tools to cater to their everyday tasks. If you are really curious about how all these tools work, you have options available to you! What we really recommend for you to see this play out is to reach out to the vendor and ask for a demo of this product.

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