How to Fix Gmail Attachment issues?

As we all know that Gmail is one of the most famous and popular web based emails for the clients which is used by people all across the world. But there is a fact which we all should know that even the best services and platforms tend to face some technical errors and glitches; the same goes with Gmail too. There are users who have received error messages in Gmail in which they are not able to attach files in Gmail and send the mail and are wondering why can’t I attach files in Gmail.

In this blog we are going to try to solve the problem for you which you are facing with the Gmail attachment button not working. So, let us begin to see the solutions or the ways which will help us to get rid of this problem and fix this problem.

  • Ways to fix Gmail attachment errors –
  1. Updating the Plugins of Flash
  2. Firstly, you need to open the page which will present various Flash versions in front of you. Followed by this you need to click on the deselect option in case you do not need any additional software.
  3. Now you need to click on the install now tab to save the installer so that you can open the Adobe flash player which will enable flash in your browser.
  4. As soon as you select customize Google Chrome you need to go to the settings and then from that click on advanced and then select Flash option to fix Gmail attachment issue.
  5. Opening the Gmail in some other browser

It could be possible that the problem is in the browser you are using so in this case you need to look for the browser which is good enough to open Gmail and also attach the files in it. You need to note that Gmail is only supported in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and also Edge browsers.

  • Updating the browser you are using

Instead of changing the browser you can look for the updates for your browser if you can’t attach files in Gmail and once you find any updates for your browser you have to update it and fix it.

  • Click on the option of Customize Google Chrome so that you can open the menu for the procedure.
  • Now you need to look for the Help tab and under the help tab you will notice a tab called about Google Chrome which you need to open.
  • As soon as you open the tab Google will look for the updates and will download them immediately if the updates are available to fix the issue.
  • Once the update is installed you need to click on the tab of re launch so that the browser will restart and you can use Gmail on the browser without any issues. is a website which the users should at least try once if they want to explore things and want to know more about Gmail and its features as well as its troubleshooting ways and issues. We can assure our users that this website will help you a lot regarding this as you will get all the details you need from this website. And not only this but the website will provide you all the information free of cost with a very easy and simple interface of the website which anybody can access and use it for their benefits and purpose. Users can decide whether they want to use the website or not once they have tried it and its features.

If your Gmail is not working because of an attachment issue, I hope this will help you to get fix the issue.

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