How To identify Real Gold

In this article, I’m going to share with you how to tell if the gold is real or not like a pro – from start to finish.

Do you want to know this formula and how to recognize real gold? It works for anyone a college student, a housewife, a businessman, or even a small kid who knows to read English. It’s the best part of this blog here! And today I’m going to share with you my formula for testing a real gold.

When you find that your beloved grandmother leaves you a box of shiny gold jewelry, you definitely will feel very happy.

But before you sell it or flaunt it to your friends, you need to know whether it is genuine or just something you can actually get in the flea market.

But the question is, how to tell if it’s real gold?

You need to remember, just because it is shiny with a beautiful golden hue, it doesn’t mean that the jewelry is real gold.

Before you test it, it is impossible to know whether your gold is genuine or just a gold-plated nickel and copper.

Determining the originality of gold jewelry seems like a godly task that only great people can do. But the truth is, how to tell if gold is genuine or not is actually very simple.

There are two easy ways to do it. You can take it to a professional appraiser for a piece or you can do it at home by yourself.

Let’s find out more about those two ways so you know which one you want to try.

How to Identify Real Gold: Let Professional Check It

Actually the best method on how to tell if it’s gold plated or a real deal is by taking it to a professional.

The professional appraiser has special equipment that can determine the realness of gold without sacrificing its quality.

Of course, this test is not free, but it is very accurate so you can rest assured that your money is spent for a good purpose. Here are some of the most common tests done by a professional.

X-Ray Test

X-Ray gold test is done using an X-Ray Fluorescent device. The best thing about this test is the fact that it is non-destructive.

Moreover, the higher-end devices can even show the approximate price of the gold.

Acid Test

The acid test is the next professional method on how to tell if it’s real gold. To do this test, the appraiser will make a pretty deep scratch on the gold.

After that, nitric acid with various concentrations will be applied to the mark and the purity of the gold will be immediately found out.

How to Identify Real Gold by Simple Tests at Home

Even though taking your gold to be tested by professionals can be more accurate, it is very important to know how to test gold at home, especially if you want to start collecting.

By biting

Even though it is metal, pure gold is actually soft. So, when you bite it, you will leave a mark on the surface of the gold.

Gold-plated jewelry will be harder because it contains other metals underneath. it is pretty effective but be careful and don’t break your teeth in the process.

Wear it

Another easy way to determine whether your gold is real or not is by simply wearing it.

Real gold will never leave a stain on your skin because the color belongs to the gold itself and is not painted to it.

The stain might not happen in one or two days, but after a period of time wearing it and the nickel starts to corrode, plated gold will definitely leave a smudge on your skin.

Look at the Shine

Don’t be fooled by movies that pictured gold as a very shiny metal. Yes, it has its shine but actually gold is not that shiny.

The color of pure gold is soft and the yellow is very intense, but not shiny.

Magnet Test

This test is very easy. Simply grab a magnet and hold it up to your gold. If the gold is stuck to the magnet, unfortunately, it means your gold is not real.

This is possible because gold is a non-magnetic metal. However, if the metals used to make the fake gold are also non-metallic, well, this test will not be so effective.

Actually, there are still numerous other methods to test gold purity.

However, you are not advised to do it at home if you are not a professional because those methods are pretty complicated and the risk of damaging the gold is pretty high.

For a beginner collector, those methods on how to tell if it’s real gold above are already very useful.


The first way we saw was “How To Tell If It’s Real Gold: Let Professional Check It”

In this, the professional way to check the gold is by using the X-Ray Test & the Acid Test.

The second way we saw was “How to Tell If It’s Real Gold with Simple Tests You Can Do at Home”

This is even more simple where we don’t need any advanced technology. For this, we saw ways like Biting It, Wearing It, Looking at the Shine & finally the Magnet Test

After going through a few posts (Diamond Blog Vlog), you will be learning a lot of things related to jewelry and you will see the results while purchasing jewelry.

Which of these techniques are you going to use?

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