How to Renovate and Decorate the Offices

The finest services of the company carry out renovation and decoration of offices, shops, industrial premises, and other commercial facilities in Singapore. We will take care of cosmetic repairs and put your office in order, as well as major – if the former apartment is at our disposal. We can renovate commercial properties in whole or in part. All works are guaranteed.

Execution of the finest office renovation implies the entire repair process from a call to the manager to the acceptance of the object by the customer. The result is a modern, clean office ready to go.

Renovation and decoration of commercial premises in the “finest services” has a number of advantages:

  • We work only under a contract, the cost of which is unchanged and can be adjusted only at the request of the customer.
  • We independently prepare the entire list of required project documentation.
  • The quality assurance of our work is ensured by the availability of an SRO license.
  • We take on the selection, purchase, and delivery of the necessary materials.
  • Finishing work is carried out at any time.
  • Repair and decoration of office premises are carried out both from scratch and in the form of independent work.
  • We carry out office renovation both in new buildings and in working offices that need regular renovation.
  • We work promptly – we are ready to start work in the next 24 hours.
  • The arrival of the measurer, the estimate and determination of the price for the turnkey cosmetic repairs, the compilation of the list of materials is carried out free of charge.
  • We maintain cleanliness – we isolate the repaired area and take out the garbage.

Each customer gets a personal manager. He organizes all the work at the facility, agrees on the estimate, and, upon completion, will transfer the property to the customer. Our designers will help you decorate the room with style. They know which design to use and which cladding will work best. If you need a custom interior, then you will be offered several options.

Commercial premises in Singapore can belong to both a legal entity and an individual. Finest finishing of offices is carried out for both individuals and companies. A distinctive feature of our company is a transparent price. The estimate and the price for finishing the office are unchanged during the production process.

Find out the price of your office renovation

A little about the cost of our work. We are opposed to publishing prices that are taken from the ceiling. We do not have ready-made proposals, as experience shows that each customer and object is somewhat individual and it would be unethical to mislead with a low or high price.

Do you want to know how much it will cost torenovate the office? Let us know the characteristics of the premises and your requirements for functionality and aesthetics. What materials we will use, to what extent, do you have a design project for the renovation or need the help of a designer.

In order to give an accurate assessment of the work and fix it in the contract, we only need to talk with you, and the estimator to see the premises. Evaluation of works is absolutely free and does not oblige you to do anything. If you find a cheaper offer with the same quality of work, we will be happy for you.

Main steps

The amount of office renovation depends on the design project. Stages of work:

  • technical documentation for the client, object;
  • a project is created, an estimate with the customer;
  • materials that are resistant to wear are selected;
  • dismantling of communications, finishes, and everything that needs to be replaced is carried out;
  • rough work, which includes the installation of systems, communications, partitions, doors, windows, as well as pouring screeds, preparation of surfaces.

Finishing is coming: leveling of walls and ceilings, installation of decorative panels, heat/sound waterproofing. The final stage of an office renovation is finishing work. These include laying flooring, painting walls or applying decorative plaster, installing cornices, skirting boards, installing appliances, lighting.

Additional benefits

  1. Free measurements – you do not spend money on calling the master and immediately get the cost of finishing work.
  2. Warranty, service during this period.
  3. Accompanying documentation: SRO licenses, contracts for acceptance and delivery of premises, estimates – we deal with documents, you build a business.
  4. Workers with over 4 years of experience. Repair is carried out by qualified specialists, which eliminates errors and allows you to do it for a long time.
  5. Full control of expenses with reports. We give all receipts for items and consumables to you so that you can see where the money is going.
  6. Cleanliness, order upon delivery. We have a tradition of cleaning up after ourselves, so you get a well-kept room.
  7. Full access to our catalogs, planning service. You choose what the office will be like.
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