Top Universities for MS in Mechanical Engineering in Canada?

Are you planning an MS in Mechanical Engineering? If you are torn between countries, why not consider Canada? The country is among the top choices for international students. And recent records from Canada have presented many job opportunities in engineering and technology. Not to mention the subsidiary benefits an abroad program in Canada provides. It is essential to consider the tiger factor rather than top universities to find a perfect fit.

Mechanical engineering is one of the top areas in the engineering discipline. In education as well as in industry. The intelligent thing to do is keep this point in mind. Because while deciding the country, the broad and thriving industry will impact our career. Mechanical engineering is associated with working in specific industries like automobiles, equipment, nuclear systems etc. So it is necessary to consider the industries in the country and economy as well.

Why Canada for MS in Mechanical Engineering?

Canada is also a prime marketplace for mechanical engineers. The jobs and earning opportunities in Canada are significant for any prime industry. However, there is no denying that the labor market in Canada is not as big as in the USA. But the country is more friendly towards international students and immigrants. This makes it a more suitable place for job placement. As per ‘Canadian Association of Professional Engineers’ the ratio of mechanical engineering jobs and graduates to fill them is 3:2.

Instead of why Canada, the question should be when Canada? Currently, Canada is better for most prime sectors in the international market. Even the USA and the UK are far behind Canada for specific sectors in engineering and technology. The country offers a more straightforward visa process and a friendly environment. It is one of the most populated countries with international students. And if you didn’t know, Canada has the lowest crime rates and mishaps among all major educational countries.

MS Mechanical Engineering in Canada: Top Universities

Canada is the home to countless top universities. Many of the known ones are ranked in the top 100 universities globally. And to top that, the engineering departments in various Canadian universities are widely famous. For example, the McMaster University Faculty of Engineering has consistently been ranked as one of the top schools in the world. You can not go wrong with Canada for an MS in Mechanical Engineering. Here are top universities for MS in mechanical engineering in Canada:

McGill University

Ranked as #1 Mechanical Engineering Dept in Canada by QS World University Ranking, McGill University is one of the best chives for mechanical engineering. The university has been producing exceptional records for years now. The university is a top destination for MS and undergraduate mechanical engineering courses. Also, McGill University is recognized as of the top #3 universities in Canada.

If you are looking for an MS in mechanical engineering that is highly recognized and provides all the core elements, McGill University is your answer. McGill Engineering has been ranked in top spots in Canada and the world for Engineering Schools. It is an 18-months MSc program that requires at least a 3.3 GPA (on a scale of 4.0).

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is the #1 university in Canada. Its Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering offers a wide range of topics, including dynamic systems, vibrations, controls, robotics, solid mechanics, thermodynamics, combustion and a lot more. Famous for its expertise in core areas of engineering, the University of Toronto is one of the best places for an MS in Mechanical Engineering. You have the option to go for a Master of Applied Science (MASc) or a Master of Engineering (MEng) based on your career needs.

The MSc degree is more suitable for research-intensive advanced studies in a particular field of interest. On the other hand, the MEng is primarily designed for students preparing for advanced professional activities. In other words, it is not a research-oriented option.

University of British Columbia

Located in one of the best cities globally, Vancouver, University of British Columbia (UBC) is world known for its academics. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC is one of Canada’s best engineering faculty options. You can find MASc and MEng degree programs from UBC designed to pursue advanced studies and careers. The institute has four biomedical engineering research groups, design and applied mechanics, mechatronics and manufacturing, and ferrofluids.

Not just for engineering, UBC is globally famous for its business school (UBC Sauder) and many other subjects. The graduate students at the institute can also pursue work experience through UBC Engineering’s co-op program. It is like a double benefit.

McMaster University

McMaster University is one of the most underrated engineering institutes in Canada. Famous for its Faculty of Engineering, the institute has a MASc degree program that excels in every way. It is a two-year program with the minimum course requirements being four half-courses. It is a research-intensive program that requires students to complete and defend a thesis. Highly specialized in their mechanical subjects, Mcmaster is the best choice in certain situations.

This program is highly academic and coursework based. During the program, students must present a thesis that embodies the results of independent work that the candidate has completed and demonstrates competence in Mechanical Engineering.


Canada has many top engineering schools that are popular for their dimensions. Universities like Toronto McGill are known for their prestige and education. On the other hand, UBC and McMaster are the few best options to provide world-class academics. Choosing a top institute in Canada for MS in Mechanical Engineering is the safest pick.

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