Psychology of gifts and Why They Should be Given?

If you love someone, you would feel that bond, and giving gifts will come to you naturally. What does gift-giving is and what does it indicate? The practice of giving gifts can be traced back to ancient times when people used to give gifts to nurture social bonds between them. Indeed, gifts were thought to be the parameter of the strength of the relationship between you and the recipient. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan sisters send Rakhi online and receive a wonderful gift of love from their brothers.

Psychology Behind the Gift and Why to Gift

Here we endeavor to present the psychology behind the gifts and why they should be given?

It is a Bliss for the Receiver and Makes Giver Feel Good As Well

Researches are there to prove that giving gifts can strengthen your relationship with others. It improves the level of commitment between both the receiver and the giver. These days it is easier to order a gift and send it online but there was a time when people used to hand over the gift to their near and dear ones and can feel blissed. This brings emotional happiness to the receiver and psychology says that if you do something good to someone, you would attract positive in turn.

Celebrating the Spirit of Festivities

Psychologists say that giving gifts is also a way to enjoy the festivities. Not only does giving gifts mean emotional and mental well-being but it is a great way to enjoy the festival. Whether it is Diwali or Christmas or Raksha Bandhan, there is a practice of giving gifts to mark the celebrations. Shopping websites get filled with different types of gifts because they know when any festival is round the corner, people will tend to buy gifts.

Giving Gifts Reflects your Position and Status

Yes, there is age-old psychology that gifts increase thee emotional happiness and the feeling of closeness between the receiver and giver. Investigators have conducted intensive research to find out that there is the psychology of flaunting status with the help of gifts. Yes! Some people think that the bigger and more expensive their gifts are, the better their status in society would be.

This generally happens when the gifts are given in formal relations like to the employees or the employer or office colleagues or any type of similar formal relations. These gifts given at parties or certain events imply the position of the giver in society. Similarly, the receiver can have the feeling of resentment or can feel something negative about the giver, if he/she has not spent much on it.

The feeling of Togetherness and Commitment

It is the wrong impression that only couples can exchange gifts. Even a brother or sister, husband and wife, parents and child gifts can be exchanged between any relations and irrespective of any occasion. Gifts are the best way to exchange emotions and feelings of warmth between two people. They bring a sense of togetherness between the two people also.

Of course, there are cases when the psychology of the giver is to receive a gift in turn but this happens when the bond is not strong enough. Some people give gifts with the intention of receiving gifts in turn.

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Personalized Gifts Mean Pure Affection

There can be no other relation like the relation of a brother and sister. When sisters send Rakhi online, they tend to send a small personalized gift along with a photo frame with their photograph together. Similarly, if brother gives a personalized gift like a coffee mug or a pillow or a clock etc. with his sister picture on it or quotations like: “The best sister.” “Thanks for being my sister.” Etc. it means that the siblings have a deep love for each other.

Gifts Are Given to Re-confirm or Establish Connection

Gifts are also given to re-confirm or establish connections with others. They show that both the receiver and giver have a unique relationship and share a bond with each other. Giving a gift to someone we care about is the way to show that we care and like to continue with the feeling of warmth and appreciation.

Gift Giving in the Pre-colonial Times

For thousands of years down the line, Native Americans used to engage in the potlatch tradition. It was a tradition of Pacific Northwest tribes. The potlatch was a complex ceremony where property and gifts were given for confirming and reconfirming the status and society positions of the giver. It is believed that the more elaborate the ceremony and gifts are, the more powerful and influential the giver is. A powerful tribe leader is always expected to shower his tribe as per his rank with the kind of elaborate gifts.

Apart from that, the age-old tribe in Alaska used to give the largest portion of their catch to the other tribe members. It is used to believe that the more the tribe members received, the more honorable is the whaling crew.

Ancient Egyptians Used to believe That Gifts Are for After-Life

Early records of Egyptian history show that the deceased had to be buried with the gifts and goods that are sometimes required for the afterlife. It was the duty of the oldest son to oversee the burial of his parents and to make sure that they had received everything that they require. At that time, these gifts were like everyday utility items like combs, bowls, and food, etc.

Affluent Egyptians used to bury things like idols, jewelry, furniture, and other sorts of valuables. Each gift used to have a different purpose. Most of the gifts were believed to be given because they were utility items that could help the deceased lead a fulfilling life.

There can be a number of things that can be done for a person you love and care for. Sending or gifts is actually a way of expressing love. Not only the romantic couples but gifts can be exchanged between any relation which brings joy both to the receiver and to the giver. Yes, of course sometimes the psychology behind giving gifts is to receive the equal one but that happens in formal relations. So, look no further when you send Rakhi online for your adorable brother, send a cute or personalized gift along to express your love.

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