Reasons that you should choose Insurance web aggregator license

Uncertainty is the way of life, and insecurity is the new fear that we are fighting against. One thing that can get us ready in this fight are the insurance policies. They provide us the way to safeguard ours, our family’s and our thing’s future. And if you choose to become an insurance provider, you can cater to that need with many ways possible.

However, the ways of insurance too have changed. People are relying on insurance brokers less and less. In this techno-centric world, even insurance policies can now be sold online, people are opting for it.

But even online, there is someone in the background pulling the strings – trying to convince people to choose the insurance policy that’s most profitable to the insurance companies.

So what’s the solution? It’s insurance web aggregator.

Insurance web aggregator is a platform on which the insurance policies and their terms and conditions are the displayed for the visitors. Visitors can visit the platform, peruse through these different insurance “products”, go through their terms and conditions and pick the one that suits them the most.

It has:

  1. No influence of the markets
  2. No hassle of the human insurance broker, and
  3. No ambiguity when choosing insurance

To become an insurance web aggregator, you need to obtain the Insurance Web Aggregator License. This articles expands upon the reasons you should choose this license to start your web based insurance business in India.

Let the customers take the reins

As an insurance web aggregator, all you’re require to do is provide a platform where the customers can look at the insurance policies, look into their terms and conditions, compare between them and buy them if they wish.

Your main responsibility is just to maintain the functionality of the portal.

As customer doesn’t feel like you’re intruding their experience, they trust you more. They take the reins of their experience and can go on to buy their own insurance policies, on their own terms.

It further fosters even more trust.

Fast comparison between insurance policies

One of the guidelines of an insurance web aggregator website is that it should help people easily compare between several insurance policies.

Customers can come in, enter their requirements and upon pressing submit should get options based on those requirements. They can then compare between the insurance policies based on what’s best suited to their needs.

The speed of comparison saves customer’s time causing an insurance web aggregator to be an ideal choice for them.

Affordable to entrepreneurs

Insurance web aggregator license is affordable to the entrepreneurs. The recent success of PolicyBazaar, a relative unknown in the insurance market, proves this basic fact. And it’s not just about the license, insurance web aggregator is an affordable business. The reasons for the same area s follows:

  1. No need for brokers.
  2. Only technical and insurance expertise required.
  3. With time, cost of creating and preserving a website has reduced.
  4. Much of the process is automated, removing the need to invest in customer assistance at every step.
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Government assistance

The digital nature of the business combined with the fact that it’s an insurance service provider makes it recipient of many government benefits. As we are moving towards complete digitization, the government is introducing more measures to promote digital enterprises.

As the holder of insurance web aggregator license, you have the power to become the flag bearer of such enterprises, aiding the people while at the same time receiving help from the government.


Insurance web aggregator license gives you the keys to enter the new age of insurance services.

An age where the intrusion of brokers is minimal, the trust of customers is high, the cost of operations is low and there is no way for you to go below. If you wish to start such an innovative business, reach out to Registrationwala.

We are always ready to assist you in any matters pertaining to IRDA web aggregator license.

Here are the reasons you should choose insurance web aggregator license. Read them, understand them and once you realize their importance, consult with Registrationwala for insurance web aggregator license services.

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