The Best Mechanical Keyboards for 2021

If you use a computer, can we say “a certain age”? Remember, once the click room is filled it is like writing a text view… well, a little piece of paper. By the way, the typewriter is an original typewriter, and generations of workers and writers have targeted 20th century manuscripts. However, when the hard-wired machine connected to the cable was cleaned by the computer, a different technical keyboard appeared: the old keyboard. It is a beast is cheapest rate with a backlit keyboard. They use vibrations and shock absorbers, and many people think they will last forever. (In fact, some are still working.)

At the Heart of Mechanical: The Key Switch

Mechanical Keyboards

First, the computer is defined by the key it uses. Today, most typewriters use attractive conversion technology, which records a key you type yourself, and then pushes a silicone dot that connects the two rings (this technology is sometimes called “skin coating” or “plastic coating” “.A”, and hardly need to make any changes to the design.) Although this is simple and low-cost in the production process, the keys require a certain amount of power. It can also cause weight gain, feelings of sadness, and lack of contact or listening while writing To the sound. In addition, after the normal “short” period (5 million analyses, payments, or collections), the combination may lose speed, may not work properly or stop working altogether. Therefore, during the life of the computer you are using during this period, you may need to replace the keyboard at least once or twice.

The Classics: Cherry MX Switches


The most popular and duplicate technical key comes from a company called Cherry Industrial. These “Cherry MX” models are available in a variety of formats and offer many features and responses, which are perfect for your personal preferences and plan to perform most of these tasks or games. (Keep in mind that most have 2mm performance points.)

The different types of Cherry MX keys are named after colors. This most popular Cherry Transfer Circle will help you better match the technical keyboards you can buy. Keep in mind that some computer manufacturers use keys in the same format developed by companies other than Cherry. But any producer’s system, “color”, and symptom-related features basic goals are the same to help reduce confusion (for example, when Cherry MX Blue switches to blue, the “style” of other producers changes, and both It seems to click.)

Cherry MX Blue

Mechanical Keyboards

The size closest to the spring-to-spring exchanges (see below), but in a new format, the Cherry MX Blue replacement is both touch and push. When you switch to blue, you will also feel the sound of tapping (special sound effects and special clicks when moving). These keys may fit for heavy typing (many of them insist that the pressure key is something you can’t get anywhere else), but it is not suitable for sports applications, because some are active (50 centinewton), or) the same and at the same time I prefer fast guns.

Cherry MX Black

Replacing Cherry MX Black has the highest active power (60cN) among different types of Cherry, which can come in handy. This type is suitable for fast running code and touch text types, and the player can quickly move away from the finger. However, when accuracy is important, this makes Black a good choice: access key critical data (for example, accountants or sales tools) or specific types of deliberate meetings, because you rarely need to worry about accidentally unlocking the key twice. The Cherry MX Black wheel does not touch, nor is it something to push.

Cherry MX Red

Like MX Black, Cherry MX Red has no touch and hearing aids. But their mobility is very low (45cN), so they can be defeated quickly, and they can be continuously defeated, giving you the opportunity to play any game that requires immediate action. The MX Red map looks like the first choice for players who need urgent action. . However, if writing is your number one priority, the same quality will prevent them from being a good choice because they make it easier for me.

Cherry MX Brown

If you spend a lot of time writing emails and Word documents as required under the restoration of the zombies taken for the first time, Cherry MX Brown is you. The performance of its 45cN is similar to the performance you get from Red Bear, so the switch cannot be pushed, but it can provide you with the same hit boost as blue. It is often said that the game and machine between MX Blues push and “fast” MX Reds is a good balance.

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The Non-Cherry Brigade

Many companies perform conversion or simulation, or try to improve the Cherry MX conversion function. For example, some computer game keys have short moving points to quickly record your key actions. For example, Razer recently developed a “Mecha-Membrane” combination that uses a mechanical design to move the silicone coconut loop. We have seen this in the Ornata Chroma model and Cynosa Chroma and its subcarrier twin Cynosa Chroma Pro. But we would think that these bins are contrary to real mechanics. (Medium Master and SteelSeries provide the same “integrated” lights.)

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