What Is The Best And Quickest Way To Wash A Car?

People who are fond of cars manage to spend their maximum time with their rides. But sometimes, it is hard to regularly clean your vehicle, especially when you have a hectic routine. In this case, one can go for a nearby drive-through or touchless car wash.

Touchless car wash services are available almost everywhere in the reputed cities and states. It saves time and labour. Above all, it utilizes the calculated amount of water needed for the cleaning process.

Is Touchless/Drive-Through Car Wash Worth Your Money?

The easiest and convenient way of washing your car is by visiting a Touchless Car Washin Calgary or wherever you live. You may not need to leave your car during the washing process depending upon the type of car wash. A touchless car wash is the least damaging for your car’s paint. You may need to hand dry the moist after a touchless car wash. Make sure the towel used in drying is none abrasive to avoid scratches on the paint.

The touchless or drive-through car washes are the cheapest among all types of car washes, but every penny is worth spending on your vehicle. It uses high-power jets and highly active detergents to remove all types of stains and debris. Hand scrubbing is not included in these types, so service centers use highly active detergents that are not harmful to your vehicle.

The function of drive through car wash

Drive-through car washes can be easily found at any gas station. You have to simply park your vehicle through the entrance and set its gear to neutral. Your vehicle will be pulled inside the tunnel. Afterward, giant brushes, sponges, cloths, and hoses do their job on it. In the end, your car will be dried manually or with huge blowers.

You have to pay the outside attendant for the service you want. Usually, there are two types of services offered: basic and the other with extra services. The latter includes underbody treatment, tire cleaning, and paint sealant dressing.

It takes approximately 3 minutes to clean your car. It is a much faster method as compared to the other ones. The drive-through car wash is designed keeping in mind that there should be no harm to the vehicle.

Features of drive-through car wash

Some of the features of a drive-through car wash are discussed below. It is recommended that you must check them before handing over your car to the system.

  • Water therapy system
  • Cleaning methods
  • Drying methods
  • Cleaning tools

The function of a touchless car wash

This category’s function is the same as the manual car wash, but it is done without any physical contact. It is cheaper than the manual wash because it doesn’t require manual labour. Once you drive your car for touchless car wash services,the hanging system starts its operation by soaking your car. After that, it cleans off the loose grime. Then a cleaning agent is applied thoroughly and rinse away. The last step is applying a specialty treatment which includes wax or tire foam.

You can easily find a touchless car wash in Calgaryor wherever you live. In many states, you can wash your car on the streets but cannot use any soap because their law states that only water may enter sewers. So, in that case, visiting a touchless car wash nearby is the most economical solution.

Features of touchless car wash

Touchless car wash allows quick access to the programmable controllers so you can easily adjust the wash speeds and levels. It also contains wash cycles with full coverage for tall vehicles. Your Wagon can be easily cleaned in one go.

Advantages of touchless Car wash

Touchless car wash is an absolute time/money-saver. Some of the advantages of touchless car wash are:

  • Less water consumption
  • More paint protection
  • Less wear and tear
  • Time saver
  • Energy saver
  • Cheap


Whether you utilize touchless car wash services or a drive-through method, both of them are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and readily available. Don’t worry if you have a hectic routine; a touchless/drive-through car wash will not take more than five minutes.

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