This Raksha Bandhan Try These Indian Sweets !!!

India is a country of numerous festivals. The Indian Hindu Calendar celebrates all the festivals in India. Every one of them has its importance either for religious purposes or to display the value of relations. The Indian festival that supports the special love dedicated among brothers and sisters is Rakshabandhan. This ardent festival is observed in the Indian month of Shravan. It’s one of the most auspicious months of the year. Rakshabandhan happens on the full moon day of Shravan. Indians are spread all around the world. On this exceptional occasion and others, try to be with their beloved ones. And commend the occasion with all the Indian social traditions. Through the Internet and advanced communication presently, it’s possible to acknowledge Raksha Bandhan. It is easy to send Rakhi online to Canada to complete the customs of gift exchanging. As Raksha Bandhan approaches, prepare with all your spirit for this special day. Choose the Rakhis, gifts, and sweets you wish to have to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Exchanging Rakhi sweets is also sensible through online Rakhi gift delivery stores.

Next, we will discuss some popular Indian desserts and sweets to try on this special occasion.

Parwal sweet

It is an Indian dessert commonly baked in the region of Bihar. Its outer part is made with the parwal while inside contains sweets with dried milk. Outside of Bihar is also known as Khaja. The method of baking these desserts is the same as dried milk with sweet treats inside. It amazingly dissolves when put in the mouth.


Another famous Indian sweet, apparently the most delicious, is the rasgulla. This sweet can be found for all intents and purposes in all parts of India. In any case, this Indian food is commonly found in Orissa, where it started. Rasgulla is baked using curdling milk, rose water, and sugar syrup.

Groundnut Halwa

Many people also believed that preparing groundnut halwa on Rakhi will bring good luck. This type of halwa is one of the famous sweets of the Raksha Bandhan. Fresh groundnuts are taken and grounded to make a paste, mixed with milk and sugar and dried to get the required shapes. It is a must to try at least once in Raksha Bandhan.


The round dumplings made out of gram flour are delightful and will set up the Raksha Bandhan festivity. Gram flour, sugar, coconut powder, white and natural-coloured sugar are required to make this sweet dish.


Halwa is one of the much-revered delicious foods for any Indian. Essentially, people of each state, everyone in Indian has some liking and adoration for this sweet dish. In general, it is made as Deepavali treats, but you can bake it for Raksha Bandhan also with the combination with other sweets like ladoo, Kesar-Kaju Barfi, etc. Milk, sugar, dry fruits, and flour are used to make this astonishing sweet.


It is sweet which is round, and looks like a fragile milk fudge. The main ingredients are Khoya, sugar, and typical flavourings such as cardamom seeds, pistachio nuts, and saffron. Full fat milk or buffalo is used to make khoya. To make this sweet, use milk for making cheese as the base for the khoya, and later, mix the rest of the ingredients while it is hot. Pedas are normally made in two shades, which are white and yellow. This delicious sweet is popular in the northern part of India.


It looks like a covered doughnut but with a harder texture. Balushahi is made of maida flour and cooked in vegetable oil, and later it is dipped in sugar syrup. Also, there is an identical sweet called Badushah cooked using a solidified dough with flour, ghee and a bit of baking soda, and dipped in sweet syrup. They are heavily sugary but are delightful with a barely flaky surface.

Aam Shrikhand

A Gujarati most cherished made with hung curd. It uses very few ingredients and has a pleasant taste! Its basic recipe includes lightly sweet yoghurt studded with mango pieces, which gives it an energetic mango flavour served as a zesty salad.

Coconut barfi

Delicate and delicious, coconut barfi is scrumptious, goody savouring the experience of people who love coconuts. Barfi can be cooked using various ingredients, but coconut barfi beats them all. You will find this delicacy in every kind of Indian festival, especially on the Raksha Bandhan and Diwali. The best thing about barfi is that you need only three ingredients to make this — coconut, milk, and sugar.

Ras Malai

It is a cousin of rasgulla and made in a slightly different way. If you love cheese balls with flavorful condensed milk prepared with cardamom, by then, start practising to make this dessert for Rakhi.

Rasmalai taste is best refreshing when it is chilled. It will strike a jolt straight to your heart, and a little while later, you will be back for extra.

If you know how to make these sweets and desserts at your home, it will surely overwhelm your Rakhi with joy and happiness. Still, if you don’t know how to make any of these, you can order them from any Rakhi online gift delivery, which provides sweets with home delivery.

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