What are the Benefits of Speaking English?

Speaking English helps you to expand your horizons, from work prospects to the capacity to communicate with individuals from all over the globe.

Every journey becomes much more exciting when you know the language.

You can find someone who speaks English almost everywhere on the globe. There are more than 400 million native English speakers in countries where English is the official language, such as the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States of America, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the Caribbean nations.

Simply stated, we must acknowledge that English is an international language and the world’s primary language.

According to statistics, English is spoken by more than a quarter of the world’s population, which implies that 1.6 billion individuals comprehend and connect to Shakespeare’s language. I should not add that the majority of the films are in English, with Hollywood being the biggest film business in the world.

Although there are more than 3 billion people who speak Chinese across the globe, it is doubtful that anybody else wants to learn Chinese characters in addition to their native language.

English is the most extensively used language for international business meetings and is used to negotiate the majority of international commercial agreements.

Good English is not only elegant, but it also allows you to continue your studies and specialties at the greatest institutions in the world, which are located in English-speaking nations.

Education is essential for personal development, but learning English also enhances one’s quality of life. You have access to professions you would not have considered before, you can assess a worldwide career, and you can live in a variety of places with the simplicity of shopping or negotiating rent.

The advantages they provide in terms of a person’s English language skills are many. What’s crucial to realise is that the English language can break through many boundaries, including cultural ones.

Understanding other cultures’ habits and traditions enables us to better understand ourselves and others. We are often astonished at how different and similar we are when we better understand our fellow men throughout the globe.

The English language enables us to communicate with and hence comprehend one another.

Students in the General English Evening Course

What does learning mean to me? Why is English essential to me?

Learning is a chance for me to put what I’ve learned to good use, expand my horizons, and become the greatest version of myself. Learning assists me in discovering latent skills and overcoming fears and barriers. I believe that the more I learn, the more capable I am of achieving my goals without fear of being judged by others. Life is learning, and learning is life.

Life presents us with several obstacles, and we must not allow fear to prevent us from learning. I determined that I needed to stand up for myself and be strong. I was weary of not being able to communicate in English because I couldn’t find the right words. It’s quite annoying to be unable to recall the appropriate words to express oneself. When I look back and feel sorry for myself, it crushes my heart that I let fear win and prevented me from achieving my goals. I could have excelled like the rest of my classmates if I had only believed in myself more.

I was constantly held back from participating in and applying for courses because of my lack of English language skills and fluency. I struggled with poor self-esteem and felt undeserving at times. But I discovered that with a little kindness, I can do anything. There was a time in my life when I didn’t feel like I was progressing. I was totally related to the term “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” So I thought about it some more and determined that it was never too late. I’m not going to allow my age to hold me back from learning. Apart from studying English, I like spending time with my international friends. Despite the fact that the bulk of the kids are considerably younger than I am, they make me feel like the adventurous and challenging person I once was. The fact that we’re all in the same boat encourages me to go all out and express my views without fear.

Learning English will expand my prospects beyond my self-esteem. The English language, on the other hand, plays a vital part in our lives. Because it is the most widely spoken language, it is understood by a large number of people all over the globe. It is necessary for our education. Large corporations recruit professionals after ensuring that the employees they hire are fluent in English.

Even with the internet, the English language allows us to converse with practically everyone on the planet. After all, no one is an island, man or woman.

Students in the General English Evening Course

Why does English matter to me? What does learning imply for me?

I was often reminded of the importance of education as a child. I used to have high grades but much less spare time in school.

As time went on, my academic achievements became even more significant since admission to a university is only feasible with high grades. I believe that as teens, we study more because of our parents’ or other people’s expectations, and it takes time to realise how vital it is for us to be well educated and competent.

Almost all of us imagined that after six, ten, or twelve semesters of university education, we would be able to say goodbye to learning. It’s true that graduating or receiving a doctorate allows us to forget about tests and essays, but not about learning.

Learning is a permanent activity, a means of knowing and thinking. It should be a type of life-long everyday habit. I used to have several studies at school, such as foreign languages like German and Italian. I recall we always had the greatest fun in language classes.

The mood in a language classroom is unlike any other. Teaching and reading languages may be fun, creative, and easygoing. Due to technological advancements in recent decades, there are even more techniques and methods of language education, such as via online classes. Furthermore, due to politics, finding a language school overseas has gotten increasingly simpler and more popular.

Language schools are quite popular nowadays, and they normally provide a broad range of foreign languages with an emphasis on English.

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Why is it this way? What is the significance of speaking English? In my opinion, English is the “new Latin,” a type of “mediator language” similar to Latin in the past. You will be able to speak with individuals from all over the globe if you simply learn one language. English is the language of worldwide communication in all fields, including politics, science, the media, and art, and it is often used for amusement and social interaction.

Having an excellent command of the English language provides us with more chances in life, particularly in our careers. We will have a better chance of getting a solid career or starting our own company.

The most recent international news and discoveries, the most significant intellectual debates, and diverse forms of art – such as books, movies, and music – are all accessible in English first or only. The language of technology (computers, iPhones) is written in English as well. No matter where we reside, English has become a part of our everyday lives. Countries have been becoming more multicultural in recent years. Communication, which is almost impossible without a shared language, is often all that stands between individuals in terms of understanding and acceptance, as well as peace.

I’m from a small nation in Central Europe. Foreign language proficiency is vital for us. We cannot translate everything since it would be prohibitively costly and, more importantly, time-consuming. If I want to be well-informed, current, and contemporary, I must learn to communicate in their language.


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