What Do You Need To Know About Sublimation Printing

Before people got deep into the blank t-shirt or screen printing industries, they didn’t know about how things take place in real life. They tend to believe that all the printing of t-shirts takes place by a magical machine. They believed that the machine does the magic and delivers whatever you wanted to achieve. Sounds simple? 

But they got to know later that there is no such thing like magic exists and there is no magical machine either. Instead, there are different procedures that are being utilized to create customized printed t-shirts that are trending in the market today.

There is a process known as dye sublimation printing which is among the best methods to get designed t-shirts for any specific purpose. Here, you will get to know about the process, its steps, and why it is among the best methods for t-shirt printing. Let’s check it out!

What do you mean by sublimation printing?

The process is defined as a procedure of printing sublimation ink on the sublimation transfer paper by utilizing a particular sublimation printing machine.

You can consider it as an alternative to the conventional inkjet transfers that were used earlier. In this process, the sublimation ink becomes a part of the substrate on which it gets printed. If we talk about the other method like inkjet transfer, it tends to use a carrier sheet for the printing of ink on the fabric’s top. 

How does the process of sublimation work?

In simple words, it is done when the ink from your specific transfer paper gets heat pressed on the substrate, whether it is a garment, mug, mouse pad, or any other thing. Further, when it reaches a specific high temperature, the ink gets transformed into a gaseous form.

Why this happens is because the heat liberates the gas from sublimation ink and also opens the pores of the material like polyester, polymer, or any other item that is being coated with a polymer that is being heat pressed on. 

Moving further, when the pressing of transfer paper on the item is done by the sublimation printer and the pressure is released, the cooling of temperature will take place.

At this temperature, the sublimation ink will transform back into the solid form and the pores will get closed permanently. So, the encapsulation of the ink within the polymer coating of the substrate will take place. How cool is that? Now that you are a bit familiar with the process, it has some great advantages too. 

Advantages of dye sublimation printing 

One of the big advantages of the dye sublimation t-shirt printing Vancouver process is that if you do the steps accurately, the resulting image that gets transferred on the item does not fade or vanish with time.

The print will be believed to remain until the substrate doesn’t get damaged. Another benefit of going with this method is that you will always get the best quality print. Thus, you can expect a highly smooth finish with a soft touch with the ink becoming substrate. Isn’t it amazing?

The next reason to opt for this method for printing instead of other conventional methods is that you don’t have to refuse a customer if they have an order of printing 4 t-shirts consisting of 37 different colors each.

This method allows a customer to print full-color transfers and heat press them on the shirts having a whole polyester fabric. What this means is that you don’t have to set up 37 screens for 4 shirts, just as we need to do in screen printing.

As a whole, the advantages of sublimation printing can be considered with the image of print that does not get faded or disappear with time. Also, the final output you get is smooth and gives a soft feel when touched. Dye sublimation also allows full-color printing in a fast and easy way.

Bottom lines 

Customized printed t-shirts are in great demand and are a great way to promote your business. If there is something in your mind related to uplifting your business, using dye sublimation allows you to grow your customers.

Dye-sublimation printing has so much to offer when it comes to custom socks or t-shirt printing. The popularity of dye sublimation is due to a big reason and is proven to be beneficial for your business.

What it offers is flexibility and accuracy which is why it suits many businesses. Offering benefits to industries, dye sublimation makes the customization super easy for the business owners that can make them stand apart from their opponents in the market. 

Use this if you want to be unique in the garment industry and want to promote your business in a specific way. The method is highly efficient when it comes to getting the best-quality designed product. You will not be disappointed by the results. 

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