What is the Scope of VNO License ASC Category B

If you wish to start a VNO ISP in a metropolitan city, you might have heard of the category B VNO License. One of the most in-demand business certifications, the category B VNO License is the sole reason there are so many local internet service providers in the metropolitan regions.

In this article, we are going to discuss the scope of the license.

What is the VNO License?

We can’t explain the ASC category B VNO without discussing the meaning of VNO License.

A VNO License is an authorization issued by the Department of Telecommunication that allows the applicant to set up a VNO ISP. A VNO ISP or an internet service provider that uses Virtual Network Operator enjoys the following perks:

  1. Access to an urban customer base that consist of both commercial and residential prospects.
  2. Access to high end technologies to provide high speed internet services.
  3. Providing internet services without the need of installing expensive hardware.

With category B VNO ISP, you get the power to provide internet to those that use internet the most, the metropolitan cities. But how many services can you provide with that license? To know that, you need to understand the scope of the license.

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Scope of the Access Category B VNO License

Let’s talk about how many services you can provide with VNO License, and to what extent you can provide them.

  1. You can provide certain services at a national level: The rules and regulations of DOT highlight the regions within which you are specifically allowed to provide the services. Certain services of Access category B can go beyond telecom circle, metro area, or district level. This license also provides to provide certain niche services to the whole country.
  2. Establish your network within the service area: As the holder of VNO License of access B category, you’re only allowed to setup your service centre within your service area.
  3. Use any technology to provide your services: As an licensee, you have the DOT’s permission to setup your telecommunication network and provide telecom services using any technology, as long as the said technology is authorized to be used in India.
  4. Products should meet the TEC &ITU Standards: The equipments that you use to provide the telecommunication services should meet the TEC & ITU standards.  If in case your equipment doesn’t meet the TEC standards, then it must meet the standards set by the international standardization bodies including:
    1. IEEE
    1. ETSI
    1. ISO
    1. IEC etc.
  5. You can’t provide services not mentioned in the VNO license agreement: The types of services and the areas within which you can provide is mentioned in the VNO license agreement. It is a binding agreement. Hence, you’re not allowed to go beyond the terms of agreement and provide services you’re not allowed to.
  6. Your technology should be high end: The technology you use to provide your services should be state of the art. It’s a requirement that has been further reinforced with the presence of the “Trusted Telecom” rule.
  7. You are completely responsible for your own services: As a licensor, you take the responsibility of all the infrastructure. It would be your responsibility to install, network, operate, commission essential infrastructure that include equipment and systems. Additionally, you’ll also have to take full responsibility of handling consumer complains, issuing the bills, collecting the revenue, attending to claims and damages and other legal issues. However, when it comes to infrastructure, you can tap into the provisions of the VNO license rules to share them with other service providers.


Now you know the meaning and the scope of the access category B license. We have simplified them as much as possible.

However, if the terms used still feel too technical to you, you can ask us about them directly. Just contact Registrationwala whenever do you require, and we would be here on the other side to take your call.  

What is the scope of VNO License ASC category B? In this article, we have discussed the scope of VNO license agreement for access category B. Read to get more information regarding the same.

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