What should you do start your newspaper in India?

Not everyone has what it takes to start a newspaper in India.

If you do, we salute you. In fact, let us do even more than that. Let us tell you the steps to take to obtain RNI registration in India.

What is RNI registration in India?

Every newspaper that has ever been published in the country has gotten the approval of the Registrar of Newspaper. Working under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1857, RNI is responsible for:

  1. Providing RNI registration to aspirant newspapers
  2. Maintaining a register that records the name of existing newspapers
  3. Overseeing that code of conduct is followed by newspaper publishers.

Therefore, if you seek to start your own newspaper and distribute it in the country, or the region you wish, you need to do the following:

  1. Establish your newspaper office.
  2. Get the name of the newspaper’s name entered in the RNI registry
  3. Agree to follow the code of conduct set by Registrar of Newspaper in India.

In simple terms, you need to obtain RNI registration.

How to get RNI registration in India?

To obtain RNI registration, you need to get the approval of two aspects of your newspaper.

  1. The title
  2. The content

Following are the steps to obtain the title verification letter i.e. the approval to use your newspaper’s title.

  1. Decide a unique newspaper title: Unlike a trademark, where you get to be as creative as possible, and even come up with gibberish at times, a newspaper title has to be meaningful. Regardless of how unique of a name you decide to give your paper, you can’t compromise with its meaning. Additionally, it should not be an amalgamation of existing newspaper names. As you can probably observe, coming up a title with a combination of all those factors is a bit difficult. Therefore it’s important for you know how to check RNI registration of existing newspapers, for it would tell you whether the name you’ve chosen is unique or not.
  • File the online application of RNI Registration: RNI Registration application has to be filed via its official portal. The process is simple and streamlined. It entails filling in the necessary details and uploading the necessary documents. Once you’ve submitted the application by paying the RNI registration fees, you’ll get two things:
    • The receipt of newspaper registration fees
    • Filled application form in the PDF format.
  • Take a print out of both of these documents.
  • Submit the documents to the local body: Depending upon where you’re located, you’ll need to submit those documents, and others to the regional offices of JSM, SDM or DM.  Here are those other documents that you need to submit:
  1. Your ID proof
    1. Your address proof
    1. Trademark registration certificate of the title (if applicable)
    1. Receipt of the newspaper registration fees.
  • Receive the RNI verification letter: If your newspaper title is unique, the local body would respond by issuing you an RNI verification letter.

Authenticate the RNI title verification letter by following the following steps and get approval for the content.

  1. File a declaration on a stamp paper that you’ve obtained title approval for your newspaper
  2. Submit the declaration to the local body along with a copy of the title verification letter
  3. Let the local body authenticate your declaration.
  4. Once you receive the authenticated declaration, publish your first copy within:
    1. 42 days if you’re planning to publish daily and weekly
    1. 90 days if you’re planning to publish fortnightly and monthly.
  5. if the content meets the RNI standards, you’ll get the RNI certificate of approval.


While you can take these steps on your own, you have to consider taking assistance if you want the procedure to be successful.

Registrationwala offers full-fledged, unbiased, affordable and paperless help to all those who dream to start their own newspaper in India. Reach out to us if you wish to publish your newspaper and make your mark in the country.

What should you do to start a newspaper in India? You should first think about getting the RNI registration. This blog gives you the precise steps you must take to get that registration. For more information, contact Registrationwala.

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