Who can’t get the AYUSH license?

With the pandemic around, people have started to finally put their trust in AYURVEDA and other alternatives medicine. Their trust has given a new hope to the AYUSH industry, and the aspirants who want to become a part of it.

As India’s leading service provider of AYUSH license services, we are coming across more and more people seeking AYUSH license. Unfortunately, we have to return most of them with heavy heart. Why?

It’s for a simple reason that AYUSH license isn’t for everyone. While the government has done its due to promote alternative medicine, it has not done anything to make it easier to trade in them. In fact, ever since the pandemic hit, and the demand of AYUSH medicines rose, authorities have become more stringent about who to issue the license.

However, news of those stringent measures are yet to reach the people, as decisions made behind closed doors can’t be taken to the people if there is no government notification to tell them.

That is why, through this blog, we took ourselves to the task. In this blog, we might break some hearts, or strengthen some resolves. Here, you’ll finally find out who can’t get the AYUSH license in India.

Those without a manufacturing facility

Needless to say, there are only two types of Ayush License. One is the basic license, and the other is the loan license.

Basic license is issued to those who have their own manufacturing facility to produce alternative medicine.

Loan license is issued to those who use other’s manufacturing facilities to produce alternative medicine.

If there is an aspirant who doesn’t have a manufacturing facility. Someone who, like one of the calls we received the other day, merely cooks some home-made remedies on the roof of his or her house, isn’t considered suitable for AYUSH license in India.

Those wanting to sell their home-made remedies

Gone are the days when ayurvedic medicines didn’t need testing before being sold on the open market. Now, it’s all about ethical approach to manufacturing and proper testing. Can you expect something like this to happen for a “home-made, nani ka cure”?

Of course not. Despite the cultural significance of such products, the AYUSH ministry is neither willing or able to extend a hand to those who wish to sell them from their homes.

The ministry wants to issue the license only to organized infrastructures, and they don’t fit the bill.

Those with small manufacturing facility

There are many who seek the answer for – how to get AYUSH license – by doing the bare minimum. They just want to know if they can turn their small garage into an ayurvedic medicine churning factory. Such places are small accommodations – smaller than 1500 square ft – an area that the AYUSH ministry considers a bare minimum for properly manufacturing AYUSH products.

Alternative medicines are often volatile – and can be rendered useless if note stored properly. Thus, to preserve such remedies, you need a proper space to store them. If you’re even 0.1 percent lacking in terms of how much space you have, AYUSH ministry won’t issue you the license.

Those who don’t have qualification

Because of the apparent native or rural aura that AYUSH medicines often give, people have a weird misconception about it. They think that it’s just a matter of mixing spices and whatnot and viola, an effective ayurvedic drug would come to life.

The truth is far from it. Much like conventional medicines, AYUSH field also requires a good academic background and ayurvedic bachelor’s degree (at least). Furthermore, even the pharmacist employed by the AYUSH firms must have the right pharmacology qualifications to justify their position.

So, no, if you don’t have the right qualification, we don’t think you deserve the license, and neither does the AYUSH ministry.


If you’re an aspirant of AYUSH license and yet fall under any of the above subheadings, you can’t get the license. But that doesn’t mean that you mustn’t try.

Considering these points – the lack of qualification, the lack or small size of facility and  the lack of understanding of the license – as weaknesses that you need to overcome. With the right mindset, and the right knowledge, you can become eligible for the AYUSH license.

And when you’re ready, we would be ready to assist you in getting you the license.

In this blog, you’ll know about who cannot get AYUSH license in India. Do you count yourself among them? Find out through this blog.

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