Why Should You Avoid Giving Human Foods to Your Dog?

what food is poisonous to dogs ? – Is there anyone who can ignore the adorable puppy grins and large brown eyes? Is it possible for your dog to be harmed by a small treat at the time of dining or by going into your parent’s belongings? Yes, of course.

The truth is that there are many human foods that your pet must avoid, and if the food has xylitol sweetener, it can bring difficulties to the dog. And do not feed your dog if he is overweight. Some meals are extremely dangerous for small pets, and you might be surprised to check the list of items mentioned in this article.

What are the human food items that are harmful to dogs?

Here comes the list of items that are extremely dangerous for your dog:

·         Avocado

Persin is the element that is available in the avocado. It does not react in a human body but reacts badly in dogs. It might cause diarrhea or vomiting in dogs. Some people love to grow small trees at home in their garden.

Therefore, if you have a large avocado tree, you must keep your dog far away from that location as the leaves, bark, fruit, and seeds contain persin. If they gulp up the avocado seed, it might enter their stomach or intestine and can cause fatal diseases.

·         Xylitol

Some readymade substances like toothpaste, candy, cakes, and gums are sweetened with xylitol. It causes diseases like liver failure and low blood sugar levels in dogs. The common symptoms of having this kind of substance are coordination issues, vomiting and lethargy. It doesn’t take much time to get your dog affected by xylitol and cause deadly liver failure. Therefore, after a certain time, the pet might get seizures.

·         Garlic and Onions

Every dish requires onions and garlic for bringing the authentic taste of different ingredients. But, at the same time, it is harmful to your dog too. So it is advised by the veterans to grind the onions and garlic or make a paste of it and keep it away from your best friend. If a little amount of these ingredients are taken, it can cause anemia which destroys the red blood cells in their body. It can also cause poisoning, breathing issues, vomiting, and weakness in their bodies.

·         Alcohol

Alcohol affects the liver and brain of dogs as it does on humans. However, it takes far less to harm your dog. Even a small amount of liquor, beer, alcoholic cuisine or wine can be harmful. It can cause vomiting, nausea, coordination issues, diarrhea, coma, breathing difficulties, and death. It can be even worse if your dog is small.

·         Raisins and Grapes

there are many other tasty dishes which you can give your dog as a treat. If the dog intakes raisins or grapes, it might reach kidney failure or urination issues. It makes your dog weak and sluggish as a little amount leads to continuous vomit.

·         Tea and Coffee

If you want your dog to be energetic, give them toys. Caffeine has the potential to be lethal. Tea and coffee, including the grounds and beans, should be avoided. Chocolate, cocoa, energy drinks and colas should not be given to your dog. Caffeine is also found in various cold and pain relievers. Do you think your dog has consumed caffeine? As quickly as possible, take your dog to the veterinarian.

·         Macadamia Nuts

A dog can become ill with the intake of six roasted or raw macadamia nuts. Your dog should avoid macadamia nuts and meals containing macadamia nuts. Muscle tremors, a high temperature, weakness in the legs, and vomiting are all signs to look for. Eating chocolate with nuts will exacerbate symptoms and may result in death.

·         Fat Meat and Bones

uncooked and cooked fat trimmings from meat can lead to pancreatitis in dogs. Giving a dog a bone may seem natural, but it might cause them to choke. Bones can also splinter and obstruct your dog’s digestive system or cause wounds.

Therefore,  it is necessary to take care of the food habits of your pet. One mistake can lead to damage or death. So you must always choose the proper food after consulting with the best veterans of your locality.

Bottom Line

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what food is poisonous to dogs

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