5 More Mishaps that Will Happen If You Lose Your Mobile Phone During A Trip Abroad

Traveling is one of the best things in life – like ever! However, some travel misadventures can lead to your worst experiences. One of these unfortunate happenings is accidentally losing your mobile phone during a trip abroad. Uh-oh. 

What makes bad things worse here is that without your phone, there are lots of things you cannot do. Besides losing your gadget, you also lose many other important tools and abilities. Yup, it’s really sad and exasperating too. Here are 5 more mishaps that will happen if you lose your mobile phone during a trip abroad.  

1 – Failure to contact and inform loved ones

Safe your mobile phone

Mobile phones are mainly used for communication. This is the primary function that nobody can ever let go of. In this day and age, people can speak with each other regardless of time and distance, and that’s all thanks to the Internet and technological gadgets, namely mobile phones. 

Once you lose your mobile phone during your trip, you will fail to contact and inform your loved ones about it. The common initial reaction is to let your family and friends know what happened, so that they will be alerted in case the thief tries to call or chat with them using your phone number. Sadly, you cannot do this immediately or at all because you are abroad, far from home, and you have no easy access to other gadgets for communication, unless you brought a laptop or a tablet. 

You will not be able to let them know your condition and situation. It will also be difficult for you to find where they are located, especially when you do not memorize their phone numbers. 

2 – No access to your tickets and bookings online

Most official documents today are accomplished and saved online and inside your mobile phone. If you lose this gadget while you are traveling abroad, you will have no access to your tickets and bookings online. Instead of just having an easy-to-open e-ticket and account using your phone, you will have to report and go somewhere else to find access to the Internet. Moreover, you need to speak face-to-face with the management where you booked your tickets online, for flights, hotel accommodation and many more.

The problem is not as big when you have printed versions of these files, but still, it’s a problem. Not to mention, people nowadays prefer carrying soft copies when traveling because that’s obviously more advantageous for packing and moving. 

3 – Losing your language translator

Safe your mobile phone

If you are traveling in a foreign country where many people do not speak the universal language, English, it will be quite difficult to navigate and ask around. Thankfully though, language translation applications can be downloaded and installed to mobile phones. To use them, you will say the words and sentences you wish to translate, and let the local or tourist hear the audio of the translation. These apps are incredibly helpful! 

Sad to say, losing your mobile phone during your trip abroad equates to losing your language translator too. In the first place, it’s already hard to interact with locals due to the language barrier. Losing your phone will absolutely make it worse.

4 – No access to online payment and banking apps

Another innovation caused by technological advancements is giving people the ability to pay purchases and bills online. This makes lives a lot more convenient as long as you have money in your online wallets. 

Do not lose your mobile phone while traveling if you do not want to lose access to your online banking applications and payment accounts. This can also be dangerous if thieves try to hack your mobile phone and your personal accounts that are logged in to that phone. You have to immediately seek help from the police and from your local banks to close access to your accounts as soon as possible! 

5 – Saying goodbye to the easiest way to document your travel

Safe your mobile phone

Trips are never complete without photos and videos to record those special travel memories! The easiest way to document your travel is through using your mobile phones. While digital and action cameras are the best for trips and adventures, you cannot deny how mobile phones are the most accessible of all. Losing your phone during your trip will make you say goodbye to the most convenient documentation gadget and to the photos and videos you have already shot. This is definitely heartbreaking, so don’t ever lose your phone while traveling! 

6 – Working with foreign authorities to find your phone

Last but not the least is this. Of course, you have to do something to get back your phone or to at least recover your crucial documents and accounts saved there. Since you are abroad, you have to work with the foreign authorities present there, which is not a piece of cake since you are a tourist. At the same time, you must find a way to connect with the company or main hub of your gadget provider to prevent further damage and robbery that thieves and hackers may cause. This creates a big hassle to be honest, but this is a must. 



Undeniably, mobile phones are now a necessity to people’s daily lives.  Unless you buy multiple phones for nothing actually important, they are no longer just a want. 

That’s why when you lose your phone while traveling abroad, you will definitely have a difficult time reaching out for help and accessing your crucial travel details. It’s going to be a headache and a waste of your limited time. 

Take care of your mobile phone and of all your travel stuff. No matter how visually jaw-dropping it may be, an unfamiliar place must keep you alert. You will never know when one of the tourists or the locals around you is keeping an eye on your phone. Keep safe.

Travel abroad with your complete travel essentials, and go back home with the same. Travel with a happy heart, and go back home with the same. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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